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Friday, November 27, 2015

School Children form a Human Chain in protest to school closure

With frustration and sad faces the school students formed a human chain in and around the valley.
Around 7 million school children have been directly affected by the Madhesi agitation. On Friday the school children took it to the streets making a human chain marking the frustration against the cruel politics of Nepal that is taking it's toll on their right to education. Yes, the children marched to the streets and poured their outcry in making a voice for their educational rights. Due to the Madhesi blockade the country is suffering from huge crisis of petroleum product. As the nation is a land-lock country and India is helping the Madhesi group the situation is worsening day by day creating a situation of scarcity and chaos.

On one hand the school are closing down due lack of shortage of operational materials and on the other hand due to fuel shortage transportation are very proving to be stressing. Around 40% of the traffic has been directly affected where transportation is a major hurdle.  

Prakash Sami, A student said, " We do not care about what politics is or what is happening? We just want things to be normalized and things are not getting normal. One after the other, days are passing by and the scarcity are taking its toll. In my house mummy has shift her kitchen from inside the house to outside. Previously, we use to cook food in gas but  now we do that in woods. How can this be good as burning woods is bad for environment and so many people doing will completely wipe out our forests. I just want to know what is our government is doing ?"

Pramod cheetri, another human chain participant said, " we want our rights every other week the school closes down, next months our examinations are due and we have our courses due. It's a sad situation why and for what people are fighting for? I do not understand the politics but by the way people are talking, it sound pretty intense. I do not want to be part of this the only thing i want is i just want to study ."

No matter what the reasons are but making the whole country suffer just for the sake of a community or group of people is not justifiable. The government is silent as its doesn't want to bear the responsibility in terms of consequences but keep silent and doing nothing wont solve the situation. Things are not moving and when things do not move then everything halts and that's not a good sign. we have to find the solution to the problem hiding the problems is not the solution it's the sign of denial. our government is just doing that doing nothing, at this time of crisis concrete action are required with specific responsibility and vision.



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