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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

President donates her first salary to Pashupatinath: Is she insane ?

Right now when the country is facing a crisis situation of people dying in various parts of Nepal due to lack of warm cloths and blankets. The president of Nepal, Bidhya Devi Bhandari donated her first salary to Pashupatinath Fund. It was her personal money and there is no definition to what is right or wrong in terms of its use but morally it sound pretty not convincing about her donating the money just for the sake of doing a pooja.

In every aspect when the Nepal government is not able to perform about managing the construction process, the president's action surely reflects the lack of concern towards the general public.

It is really sad when at times of need people who have powers turn a blind eye towards issues of concern, everyday there are deaths reported due to cold in the earthquake hit regions and our president is donating her money not for buying blankets but for doing pooja in pashupatinath.

Sad reality but it certainly show how Nepali political culture believes in showcasing than in putting actions. what could be More valuable and divine than to donate blankets for the shivering people in the cold or doing pooja at pashupatinath. May be its her choice and her money but there could be a  reasonable answer to it.

She is the first Feminist communist president of  the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal which practices a secularism and she has been hugely criticized for this act  in social media by the public.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Anti Indian Feeling and the manipulation

Nepal needs a new revolution of identity and redefine the meaning of nationalism.  In today's situation the political leaders are manipulating the "Anti Indian" feeling where they are using it as per their needs. Nobody cares about the public about how and what is happening but the leaders are busy in making the so called we will not back down attitude. I am sorry but Mr Prime Minister why would you fucking care?
As you  have everything that you need, its the public who are suffering and it's us who survived Dashain and Tihar without petrol and now when the scarcity has crossed it's limits, we are facing the Black market. Reality of today is you do not get petroleum products in legal way but with black marketing its available 24/7. The petrol which costs around 105 is now not available in the same price but if you are willing to pay Nrs 500 then its easily available, what kind of system is this ?

If you talk about legality then I do not see legality anywhere as every where I go things are priced high, the government for the sake of showing its presence has announced illegal to black marketing but it's happening every where.


As shown in TV where most of the political leaders were busy in celebrating the Dashain in parties people were busy in lines queuing up for gas, petrol and kerosene. SAD SAD that the public have to suffer every time and you so called leaders are enjoying the benefits of being in your power and position. I guess till the time public understands that a leader is not just a position of power but a responsibility of making things work things won't change.    

May be I am  being too emotional about the issue, but yes I understand the role and values of leadership and its operation. Our society has been very single dimensional about the definition of patriotism and sovereignty.  It's just one way that has been passed on to us with our so called history.  It's said the world belongs to the people who write the history. When I say those lines then I really mean it. I come from a middle class family and was raised with the current so called nationalist mentality. When I say the nationalist mentality then I mean the ideology of portraying the attitude of   not giving up, nation first and fighting attitude. Reality is whatever our history was but we were brought up with the whole ideology of an anti Indian attitude that always forced us to be a sovereign country against them. It was implanted in our minds as now when the country is going through a blockade I realize  the pressure of the rigidity of that attitude.

The present KP Oli government has been taking a stand against the Indian Invisible blockade with a nationalist ideology. NO Mr Prime minister it fucking matters when there is no medical supplies and people are dying and we are standing with the so called nationalist ideology.
For me people matters than your words and past values of nationalism . I do not understand this rigidity for what are we trying to prove as even when we are trying to be independent we watch the Indian channels, we use Indian products and most of the things we do are related to India. And for what are we fighting ?

We are just the puppets where the political leaders fail to keep their promises and we pay with our ideologies of nationalism. It is your job Mr Prime Minister to manage the situation if the public have to react and take a stand then why are your getting a hefty salary for?

 I can stand and feel you only if Mr KP OLI is not using Indian fuel and he himself is walking in the streets  and taking no salary from the national treasury. Only then i will stand with you and fight the battle to the death but if you are just procrastinating the nationalist ideology to cash your popularity at the stake of public outcry you are certainly no worth to be called a Nepali.

 When that is not happening then why should I do it. You think we are fools that we would just follow you with your so called ideology NO.

Right now we need Diplomacy and need to see and feel the words of the great king Prithivi, "Nepal is a sweet potato in between the stones"
I guess its time for our evolution and identity

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