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Monday, April 3, 2017

Kathmandu's Forest Risks Deforestation

It has been reported that the forest in Kathmandu has been risked deforestation with private development activities. After the success of Chandragiri cable car, Private sector in Nepal is very much showing interest in developing infrastructure in the name of tourism and development to exploit the forest area surrounding Kathmandu valley . With the controversy of Chandragiri Cable Car paying pennies as royalty for the use of the forest, the application at District Administration Office for building private recreational structures  have gone up.    

It is estimated that 50 hectares of forest risks the possibility of deforestation.  Many projects have applied for the use of forest for building infrastructure in the name of  development at various location in and around Kathmandu valley.

It seems with the lack of knowledge and limitation of future vision Nepalese political leaders are blinded by corruption and favoritism. In many cases they have allotted forest land to private firm with the authority of using such forest as a means of earning revenue which high risks deforestation and the diversity of the forest.  

#SaveTree campaign is an eminent project which needs to be incorporated in the awareness campaign of Nepal's political leaders who need to be aware and vigilant about the current climate change issue and its impact but sadly with the limitation of educated and quality leadership, Nepal's fate lies in the hands of  some deprived leaders who have no loyalty towards this nation and its future.




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