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Sunday, April 22, 2012

USA's Hippocratic attitude towards its allies

Soon after India tested the Agni 5 Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, the USA showed its solidarity towards the Indian government with the message of success. The solidarity came in action in contrast to the USA's weak and bad relationship with CHINA. How practical is it to use counter measure strategy in empowering your enemies enemy in making them powerful, highlighting the check and balance system.  With India being capable of such weapon of mass destruction /nuclear power the whole Asia is at risk of domination and manipulation. I’m not being bias towards India but my rage is at the attitude of the US hypocrisy that supports and risks the world in view of its ego. Like such I’m not supporting China too, I strongly oppose China being in the league but the policy of the US in counter measure strategy  of  CHINA making INDIA stronger with weapons of mass destruction is what I completely disagree.
Recently in the Nuclear summit in South Korea, The USA condemned north Korea‘s missile testing program then how relevant is it for the same country to support India for its successful testing and supporting it technically. US diplomatic relationship and policies have always been strategically bias and irk toward its allies and enemies but what about the future. In this run of nuclear power aren’t we creating monster in bid to our personal weakness and egos. India being nuclear rich is not a question of right or wrong but the world being threatened of a nuclear war is?
The US in its desperate attempt of countering china is support India giving it technological advantage which is wrong. No matter who develops the weapon the threat is for the world to bear and why is that just by securing themselves they feel they have done their part.
The Agni 5 is 50-tonne, 17.5-metre-high intercontinental ballistic

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