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Friday, November 9, 2012

NRB SUCKS big time

Why is it so hard for a citizen to live? What is our mistake that our government keeps a blind eye towards the normal general public? Why is every time a tax payer is ignored in Nepal…?

It SUCKs big time when we the public pay taxes in everything and we are deprived and marginalized in basic facilities like education, livable commodities, services.

The government of Nepal SUCKs big time and Nepal Rastra Bank being the regulatory body is inefficient.

These days if you have to open an account do you know that you have to provide your details and your parents (mother +Father) plus your Grandparents (both) citizenship number and date of birth. What the F@############## !!!!!!!!!!
And to make matter worst you have provide your financial details about your transactions. Like how much cash you will be receiving or transacting in a month? What would be your mode of transaction? From where will you be receiving it?


Just for the sake of NRB trying to regulate the Commercial banks or hide its incompetency, why should I a normal citizen suffer?

Big political leaders having billions of rupees and black listed entrepreneurs walking the streets with heading their heads high is not a problem for the NRB or CIAA and I being a normal citizen of Nepal paying lawfully tax in everything have to provide my financial details and my parents citizenship info.

THIS IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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