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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sushila Karki Vs Lokman & in between people are suffering the consequences

It seems like a joke when you hear the Lokman Singh Karki's case. It is completely insane and  extending like a chewing Gum where now Sushila Karki the chief justice is playing her cards.
As you can see the headlines that the Supreme Court on Tuesday recommended action, including imprisonment for 15 days and Rs 1,000 fine, against one of its junior officials on charge of dereliction of duty and two employees of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City Ward No 10.

I do not understand why the public servants are being targeted, its a open war in between Lokman and Sushila Karki why are they fighting their battle with the help of power and position.

Just to prove the facts:
The SC decided to review his appointment as the CIAA chief, the notice asked Karki to be present before the SC himself or send a representative along with whatever evidences he has within 15 days of its delivery. Karki, who was appointed as the chief of the anti-graft constitution body for six years in May 2013 amid big controversy, will now have to be present himself before the apex court or send his representative within 15 days.

 "Advocate Om Prakash Aryal had filed a writ petition challenging Karki’s appointment.  A division bench, however, on September 24, 2014 quashed Aryal’s petition that sought revocation of Karki’s appointment."

Recently responding to a latest writ, a division bench of Chief Justice Sushila Karki, Justice Bishwambhar Prasad Shrestha and Justice Sapana Pradhan Malla, on September 16 observed that there was fault in the two year-old order.

The Justice trio said the case over Karki’s appointment would be reviewed as it raised a question on constitutional provision about high moral character sought for the constitutional position and whether Karki, who served in the Palace for six years, two months and 10 days, was eligible for the position.

The Justices observed that considering Karki’s service in the palace for the 20-year service criteria fixed by the Interim Constitution for the appointment in the CIAA was against the Principle of Constitution Construction.

Aryal has asked the SC to see if Karki, who was accused of corruption and held responsible for suppression during the People’s Movement II during the royal regime, was eligible to be the CIAA chief.

It's completely illogical how the chief justice is taking it back on Lokman. Lokman in the past has been furious aginst  Public figure Kanak Mani Dixit who was accused of holding foreign bank accounts, share holdings in international banks and occupied illegal government property by the CIAA.

After the arrest of Kanak Mani Dixit, Lokman took some outside measure where Sushila Karki was not comfortable. The revelation of Sushila Karki being relative of Kanak Mani Dixit wife further lands her in moral position but she has been smart enough not to acknowledge that and not obeying her orders certainly seems like her ego is hurt. The tussle in between the power and position has certainly created a situation where reality cannot be ignored that there are thousands of cases that are pending and still waiting for the hearing where a case of no value is getting so much of importance.

This case certainly highlights the credibility of Nepal judiciary system and how much it is politically motivated. I am not supporting Lokman but I am in favor of taking out personal grudges at this level.
She certainly proves to be a weak leadership.
It is really sad how the Supreme court is challenging its own system and creating problems. It is not only hampering its own image but due to weakness of such leadership it is staining the image of the whole judiciary system.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Super Journalist or a Donor Agency agent Kanak Mani Dixit

The arrest of Kanak Mani Dixit by the CIAA has brought into lime light the issue of Foreign Aid money and the manipulation in terms of managing and utilization of foreign Aid.

The CIAA recently arrested Kanak for amassing property  and money by abusing his authority through his organization. His role during the  Jana Andolan 2063 and lobbying secularism in the country was a well conceptualized strategy of  the western world who wanted Christianity to be established in the country. He was backed by various agencies and  embassies  where the various transactions proves his involvement in the process of making the political scenario volatile.

According to a press release issued by  CIAA, “He was taken into custody by the  Commission  as per the legal provision of Section 19(1C) of the CIAA Act, 1991. As he committed activities against the law and obstructed the investigation process. He has been summoned for amassing property and money by abusing the public authority and for depositing sums in domestic and foreign banks in various family members. Investigation have revealed that he has acquired  an apartment in the US in  Kanak’s wife Shanta’s Name  at a cost of US$435,000 on 10 November 2010. Similarly, two accounts in CHASE Bank of the USA with $17,208.74 and while wife Shanta operates a separate account in HSBC Bank, UK, and two personal accounts in Apple Bank, USA, with deposit $ 68,926.48 and Pound Sterling 4,126.39, respectively have been reveled. Pound Sterling 27,638.88 were deposited in the two accounts of HSBC Bank, UK, in the name of Kanak Mani and Shanta Dixit. He further has not informed Nepal Rastra Bank about the transaction of $50,000 sent from HSBC London to Matrix TV Private Limited in the name of Kanak himself, his father Kamal Mani Dixit and Anju Dixit. Apart from that he possess 36,000 shares of Standard Chartered UK and jointly he and his wife have 120,000 shares of HSBC UK. The South Asia Trust chaired by Dixit has received Rs 11,12,49,435.96 on different dates from various foreign organisations of Switzerland, the USA and the Netherlands”

In December 2015,  Dixit was summoned by CIAA for investigation of his income source where  he  challenged the CIAA  move filing a writ petition which was cancelled by the Apex court.

what would you say to people like him who work as a journalist and work against the motive of development of people and country.

‪#‎kanakmanidixit‬ is a smart man, I guess, Millions in foreign banks, millions in shares with the skin of a ‪#‎Journalist‬ Smart really smart. He is the among the elite group of people who have power, money and backup.
If he is guilty, he should be brought by the book.

Friday, November 9, 2012

NRB SUCKS big time

Why is it so hard for a citizen to live? What is our mistake that our government keeps a blind eye towards the normal general public? Why is every time a tax payer is ignored in Nepal…?

It SUCKs big time when we the public pay taxes in everything and we are deprived and marginalized in basic facilities like education, livable commodities, services.

The government of Nepal SUCKs big time and Nepal Rastra Bank being the regulatory body is inefficient.

These days if you have to open an account do you know that you have to provide your details and your parents (mother +Father) plus your Grandparents (both) citizenship number and date of birth. What the F@############## !!!!!!!!!!
And to make matter worst you have provide your financial details about your transactions. Like how much cash you will be receiving or transacting in a month? What would be your mode of transaction? From where will you be receiving it?


Just for the sake of NRB trying to regulate the Commercial banks or hide its incompetency, why should I a normal citizen suffer?

Big political leaders having billions of rupees and black listed entrepreneurs walking the streets with heading their heads high is not a problem for the NRB or CIAA and I being a normal citizen of Nepal paying lawfully tax in everything have to provide my financial details and my parents citizenship info.

THIS IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Monday, January 19, 2009

TIA Expansion Plan of MoCTCA

From the last few years Tribhuvan International Airport expansion (TIA) has been in issue highlighting the number of arrivals and flow of airlines in the country. Every year the issue of its expansion voices out with the starting of the tourism season and fades after the time. Currently, the country has 18 international airlines with 9 of it directly linking Kathmandu with different destination and almost a dozen air carriers operating in the domestic sector.
Nevertheless, due to improper planning and growing numbers of airlines, the TIA currently is facing a huge congestion problem. As per sources, due to busy runways, the rate of air holding of the aircrafts at TIA has significantly increased. From above it can be said that there is no alternative for Nepal than to go for another international airport to meet the current demand of the aviation sector in the country. But in the condition, when Nepal cannot immediately cater the need of aviation growth by constructing a new international airport, there becomes no choice than to expand and improve the capacity of TIA to manage with the current needs. During the interaction held at Nepal Tourism Board, organized by Nepal National Aviation Council (NNAC), an elaborative presentation was made by Hari Bhakta Shrestha, Joint Secretary at Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation about the expansion of TIA model and planning where he hinted towards a need of TIA expansion from 2008 and the construction of the new international airport at Nijgadh from 2010, if we are to enjoy benefit in 2010 for TIA and 2025 for Nijgadh respectively.
The plans of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) includes, acclimatizing the need of the industry, the (MoCTCA) under the supervision of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CIAA) forwarded a master plan strategy which is currently adapting its track.
According to the master plan, the Aviation sector strategy needs to explore its depth highlighting its position and brand Nepal as a regional model of aviation excellence within 10 years. Moreover, after strengthening the sector strategy the Phase-I would be introduced with in 2009-2013 with an approximate investment of US$ 53.8 million.
The government from its side has already shown its commitment through the Government Policy Commitment 2063 where it plans to commence the New International Airport (NIA) with modern facilities under a master plan.
Focusing the master plan the acquisition and management of land required, environment impact assessment, migration plan, road link up and infrastructures and various modalities of investment to attract native and foreign private investors are in its way highlighting the scope and role of Nijgadh.

Presently the TIA capacity holds
International terminal Building (ITB) Area 24,242 sq.m
Int'l Aircraft Bay 9
Peak Hour passenger Processing Capacity 750 pax/hr
Domestic floor area 3894 sq.m
Peak hour Passenger Processing Capacity 384 pax/hr

Aviation sector strategy
- Modifying the institutional frame work
- Adjusting responsibilities for sector management
- Strengthening CAAN's financial, Management and regulatory capabilities
- Improving TIA's commercial performance
- Upgrading air safety and security system
- Improving managerial and technical skills
- Encouraging private sector participation in major projects
- Upgrading of CNS facilities
- Improving the national airport infrastructure

Phase-I: 2009-2013: Investment: 53.8M $
- Demolition of existing domestic terminal building (DTB)
- Expansion of Int'l aircraft parking apron toward DTB
- Construction of low cost DTB to serve till year 2017
- Development of aircraft maintenance base (Int'l & Dom) move Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) and military hanger to east side runway
- Expansion of domestic aircraft parking apron
- Construction of the parallel taxiway
- Upgrade CNS/ATM system
- Improve water supply and sewerage system
- Refurbishing of ITB facilities, airline lounges

Similarly, Phase II: 2014-2018: Investment:150M $
- Construction of new ITB
- Conversion of the existing ITB to new DTB
- Expansion of parking Apron (Int'l 7 Dom)
- Expansion of parallel taxiway to exist no.5
- Car parking and road infrastructure for the new ITB
- RADAR replacement and upgrading the CNS
- Terminal area commercial development
- Construction of commercial project

Currently the proposed Second International Airport (SIA) at the Nijgadh area
Area 32 sq.KM

Traffic forecast for 2015 2-3 million
For 2015 terminal area required 41,854 sq.m
For 2015 aircraft gate for Int'l 9 gates
First phase SIA 1.2 Billion $
Bagmati Corridor Road 100Milion $

Text compiled by Shreedeep Rayamajhi
Source: Hari Bhakta Shrestha
Joint Secretary, MoCTCA

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