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Sunday, February 18, 2018

How to get an EMBOSS number plate in Nepal ?

Emboss number plate has been a very hectic things for people as the process is exactly not mentioned and whatever information is given is very contradictory.

For the application of Emboss number you need the tax clearance receipt and citizenship as well.

This blog will guide you all the process about obtaining the an emboss number plate in nepal

Step 1  Create an account with the below link and verify your account with your mobile number

Step 2 Log in to your account  and feed all the information in the blue book
Be careful about the engine and chassis number

Step 3 Print the online form and together with the tax paid receipt, Citizen number and blue book 1 and 3  page copies, prepare your application 

Step 4 Go to the Ekantakuna and verify the documents with the EMBOSS information desk 

Step 5 Pay the NRS 3200 get the slip and submit the application with citizen ship, tax receipt and 1 and 3 photocopy of the blue book

Step 6 After the submission you will have to wait till the time you receive an SMS from 38484 for the bio metric scan and reply your interested  date with the same SMS as in the given format. Do not worry if you made a mistake or you can change the date and send a SMS again in the same number

Step 7 You will receive a confirmation SMS

Step 8 On the specified date go with the confirmation application printout  and do the bio metric scan

Step 9  You will again receive an SMS from 38484 regarding status of the number print then  again you have to send a confirmation SMS as in the given format. Do not worry if you made a mistake or you can change the date and send an SMS again in the same number

Step 10 Now on the specified date you have to first go to the EMBOSSED information counter and obtain the original bill and other documents that you have submitted during the application and get into the line for the installation of the EMBOSSED number plate.

Step 11 Your car will be inspected for accuracy and your details of engine and chassis number will be matched

Step 12 After inspection you will be given the EMBOSSED number plate

Step 13 After the number plate is installed a sticker chip is sticked on the windshield from inside and you will be asked to take a picture witj your car.   


Sunday, June 5, 2016

No Governance at public Departments of Nepal

If you talk about the current situation in most of public departments of Nepal then its very sad in terms of providing services and facilities. Though these department  are established with the motive to provide  public with  services and facilities  but then  there is a huge gap of  corruption and nepotism that goes around. These public departments are not monitored nor are the Civil servant staff trained to treat the public in proper way.

It always my way or highway where the public are bound to suffer the consequences of bad services and facilities. Today #WED2016  I went to the Department of Transportation and Management (DoTM) for my pollution sticker. I was firm about my rights and what I need to do so I was not framed but despite that I was asked to use and I refused it.

I believed that for change you have to stand up from inside, so my take was that on Environment Day 2016 no matter what I would take the Vehicle Pollution Test and get a green sticker. It is my responsibility at individual level to promote pollution free vehicle and I think what better to do it than today.

While waiting for my turn, I was surprised to hear the stories of People and the current agent trend that is adapting upon the public services which is directly promoting corruption to a new level.

You cannot make things happen or cannot do a public work without the agents. You have to pay extra money to hire an agent for the quick services. If you try to do the job yourself it will probably take ages not because you will have troubles knowing  the public but the staffs won't cooperate. The problem here is not the cooperation but the adaption of the agents services in public services and governance. These agents are so powerful that they have their own affiliation and working strategy.

The staff are  rude and they just out lash their  frustration upon the public like anything. It completely  impossible to even deal with them at person level.

 Another sad Aspect of sad public governance is the public line up from 4 AM for the application submission of driving licence and still after waiting in the line for hours they are turned down depending upon the random number of application accepted by the DoTM staff.

Sad Reality but yes there is no public service or governance in Nepal.

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