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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Buddha was born in Nepal

The great savior of Humanity Gautama Buddha was born in Kapailvastu Lumbini which is currently in Nepal, this information has been  mislead by the Indian government to prove he was an Indian prince. But on ground reality Nepal was never part of the greater India nor Gautam Buddha was a Indian prince. The Indian scholars and historians have imprinted the fact of Buddha being born in India with high notion in text books and other historical artifacts which has arguably made an impression upon the India citizen as well as the western world.  The issue has prolonged so much that even a duplicated kapilvastu was created to give the impression of Buddhas birth place in Utter Pradesh and in 2009 the Indian state Government celebrated the Kapilvastu festival to promote the fact.  Reality is Buddha was born in Nepal and he obtained his enlightenment and processed his learning in India which has been scientifically proven by UNESCO world heritage. Apart from that the famous ASOK Pillar also states that King Asok came in search of the place of birth of Gautam budhha and Erected the pillar in Nepal.

To some scholars ideology they apprehend the fact that when buddha was born there was no territory, there were small nations and countries which fought for their survival. And reality can be adjusted within the periphery but time and again India claiming Buddha born in India certainly pressures the locals in Nepal.

"Buddha was born in Lumbini which is a proven fact, the Indian  government time and again have been trying to overshadow this, they have created kapilvastu in India , what more can we expect from India," said Prakash a student.

CRUX Though there has been propaganda and  controversies created and fired still we all believe BUDDHA was born for HUMANITY where he served his people and taught us the path of salvation. Buddha cannot be limited within anyone or territory but  the fight  in between India and Nepal about where Buddha was born has always brought high sentiments of anger and hatred. It is not just a issue or a topic but its a national interest for young people who believe Nepal has to rightfully fight for what is its and its territory.

One thing India has to stop is to play with sentiments of Nepalese and one thing Nepalese have to understand is Buddha is not their property.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why did biography.org de-listed buddha from Indian Great Leaders

It was really sad to see that Biography.org in its list of biography of Indian Great Leaders had listed Buddha, Siddhartha Gautam being an Indian. The whole Biography of Buddha was conscripted making him an Indian leader with supremacy and bigger words.
Most of the references were taken from the local  websites without international research. I was so surprised to see that such a reputed organization making such mistake in view of limited research and communication. It was clearly  written that Buddha was born in India. To my surprise there has been no proof found regarding the boundaries of  the so called Bhart Barsha or there has not been any technical or geographical studies done. In-fact Nepal was create 200 years ago but it existed in the form of many states scattered and spread. There are documentation of Yalabar the first king of Kirats being acknoweldge in the Mabharata as the king who had came to fight from the kingdom of HIMKHANDA 

There are still proofs that sikkim and other state of India which were part of the great Nepal period during the  British India Company are today in India but there is no technical paper of research that proves buddha was born in India.

The truth about where buddha was born can be answered only by him, as there was no documentation in terms of geography. It has been identified and certified that the place where Buddha was born is currently in Nepal by the UNESCO in its website and excavation are still happening in and around the area.

It is clearly said and documented that Asoka the Great king left his country in  search of Buddha and came to Nepal and erected the Asoka pillar.         

Now getting back to the topic, I wrote back to biography.org with the links of UNESCO  reference stating why they listed   Gautam Buddha was born in India. Within a couple of days they changed the title and remove buddha from the list of   Indian Great Leaders


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