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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Global challenges for Developing Nations

Global challenge is a complex scenario that echoes the deficiencies of our society and its development practices. These deficiencies are results of our psychological, social and economical, cultural, political, and legal practices which create differences among the societies and individuals.

In normal words the global challenges are categorize in following types:
1.       Poverty
2.       Training and Education
3.       Lack of proper infrastructures
4.       Lack of proper rules and regulation
5.        Attitude and perception
6.       Technological differences

 Highlighting that global challenge differs according to place and people with the availability of resources and facilities. It may sound as an understatement but reality always bites. Especially in the third world developing scenario, the relativity of lack of standardization and outrage of malpractices makes it more complex and complicated regarding global challenges and how things are done. Everything needs to be done single handily or make it work where corruption, networking, favoritism, political manipulation etc work as a tool in getting things done. More or less I think it’s human nature to makes things work and the only thing that differs in people and societies is just the way the people think and that’s the major challenge. 

I believe the most important global challenge is the psychological aspect that is related to human perception or thinking, it is one of the greatest challenges to overcome change and development. As human race from their origin have been very adaptive but at the same time their behavioral attribute of adaptation has resulted in thinking more about the safe side and trying to avoid risk at minimum. This attitude has not only developed into a psychological barrier but has transformed into an essential part of their cognitive process. They generally resist change and new things so whenever there is an idea of change they resist that effort. To bring change first one has to be very clear about the idea. It is said that the world can be changed with just one idea or spark. When that spark ignites it has to be flourished with proper visions and efforts then only it spreads and one after the other it spreads and takes the form of social transformation. So the social aspect needs to be very clear and worked on. It needs to be well groomed and understood regarding its use and implication, has to be prioritized at the top most level.  

For e.g. when Galileo , opposed the idea of the earth being flat he had to face pubic disgrace and people even called him insane, he didn’t back out he further did his research and proved the reality and later he was recognized for vision.

Nepal being an under developed country faces economic, traditional and geographical challenges. Its economy suffers from poverty, political manipulation, unemployment, illiteracy etc.  More or less development seeks proper infrastructure and capable human resource to drive the energy which certainly is lacking in Nepal. The aspect of its strategic location facilitates its feasibility in utilizing its location but with the unhealthy political practices and the lack of visionary leaders, Nepal lacks in creating better core policies in facilitating development activities and if present further lacks implementation. Similarly, in such scenario, an entrepreneur has to play multi-dimensional roles. He has to work as a promoter, investor and the manager in the process of his business development. The aspect of his struggle ranges from one end to another from social to moral to psychological to physical. It may seem easy looking at it from the other side but in this part of the world to start a business is like to start a new life where he has to start from zero making his own way.    

Basically, he encounters problems likes:

Ø  Limited access to capital
Ø  Corruption and bureaucracy
Ø  Low level of confidence
Ø  Low return from industry investment
Ø  Lack of education and training
Ø  Political instability
Ø  Lack of effective policy

When an entrepreneur thinks about starting something, it just comes out from one idea leading with his confidence and believes where he brings together the requisites like men, materials, machines, money and managerial ability. Then he further processes the requisites with other needed application; his motivation relies in the aspect of various infrastructures, governed by the different administrators leveling it from the organizational opening process to the adaptation of his idea in the market. In such scenario the absence of expertise or other resource may create hindrance in the over all process but the major role is played by the government where it not only acts as a facilitator and smooths the business development process.

Basically, when we looking at this part of the world, where there is poverty, unemployment, illiteracy problem, lack of infrastructure etc the perspective about the global challenge differs accordingly. It may sound different but yes it’s true the idea of global challenge depends and differs according to countries to different factors of economy, political status, core policies etc. I think it cannot be generalized as in most of the countries where they have funds they lack expertise, and in others where they have expertise they lack proper policies, in some they even lack infrastructure and effective sector  so there are tones of issues regarding global challenge but only one tool to overcome them all. It’s the power of believing in your-self and changing the world. You just need to believe in an idea and put the better efforts and then things do change.  People say wining is the only side of the game but I say and believe loosing is yet another part which is more valuable than winning where you learn by your experience, where you get the desire to stand up once again to prove yourself and relentless do the effort in creating a substance for your identity and to bring change.  
One thing that I have learnt from my experience is there fear in change and development but beyond that there is success which needs to realized and thought of and until and unless we reach out with proper efforts nothing will happen. So it better to try and move forward and make mistakes and gain knowledge rather than to stay behind and feel lacked. 

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