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Monday, June 19, 2017

Blood transfusion is not safe in Nepal

According to the breaking news published by the Himalayan times,   "People face HIV infection from the normal transfusion as there is no availability of the test kit to detect the infection of HIV during its window period. What that means is If the blood donor is in his window period of infection, he/ she can pass on the infection to the blood receiver. As it is not detectable in absence of correct test kit. The receiver can get infection. The window period test kit is know as Nucleic Acid Amplification Test which is very expensive.

Sad reality is right now in the international market such window HIV test kit are available but right now here in Nepal it is not used or available.

" यसको अर्थ रगत जुन हामी सुरक्षित छ भन्छै त्यसबाट #hiv सङ्क्रमन​ हुन सक्छ "

Sunday, December 1, 2013

HIV AID 2013 and its practices

HIV AIDS day December 1 as "Getting to zero: Zero new HIV infections. Zero discrimination. Zero AIDS-related deaths

Today its HIV AIDS DAY, every year thousands of people march and organize rally to spread the awareness about HIV AIDS and do related talk shows and other program but at the end of the Day HIV AID is challenging humanity  with high growing numbers and infection rates.

 Specially in Nepal HIV AIDS is being looked as a topic that is very closely and nearly related to NGO's and INGO's. May be its because of its funding or the programs being done or may be its because of the number of NGO's and INGO's working in the sector?

 But something that concerns me  is commercialization of the topic,  today there are more than five dozen organizations working for the cause. these organization directly involve in getting funds and working in small or large program . Though these organizations  work at their own level but at the end of the day only hand full of organizations come with effective programs and campaigns.

I personally consider HIV AIDS is a fight against humanity for which we all should unite, people dying anywhere in the world due to lack of resources and medicine services  is unfair and injustice  which needs to change.

Looking at global statistics of World Health Organization,  Nepal ranks the 56 position in the list of countries  found to have reduced the HIV infection sharply, the number of people getting HIV infected is not declining.

Still today  four to six persons are getting HIV infection daily in Nepal while the number of deaths caused by HIV/AIDS is 4800 in a year, according to a statics provided by the National AIDS and Venereal Disease Control Centre.

Around 262 people get HIV infection every hour across the globe. and 4,400 die due to the disease around the world which cannot be undermined.

This year the WHO has theme the HIV AIDS day December 1 as "Getting to zero: Zero new HIV infections. Zero discrimination. Zero AIDS-related deaths"

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