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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Free Uploading in Internet, a question of concern for every one (Unsafe Internet)

With the growing technological advancement and easy accessibility, Internet is adapting normal people’s lives where it has become an essential part of daily chores. The advancement has not only facilitated the youths in getting connected round the clock with different social networking sites but on contrary has shown the harsh aspect of internet by uploading nude and pornographic contents anonymously.
Shocking yet amazing, people’s pictures and videos are appearing online out of thin air with no question of responsibility, killing privacy and security of private life. Anyone with right tools and techniques can click your pictures and manipulated it in desired way or click your private video and upload it for personal benefit.
More or less, the growing popularity of easy access, easy uploading and free space has brought upfront, threats like pornography and sexual exploitation targeting the most vulnerable groups.
The easy accessibility of uploading and free space available for pornographic materials in such websites has given better opportunity for expansion and growth of pornographic websites where on contrary it directly threats the social values and norms. Nevertheless, with the weak and ineffective cyber rules and regulation, the wrong doers are manipulating the rules and regulations in their favor where the innocent are bound to suffer the consequences. For example these days’ Nepali pornographic materials and pictures are very much getting popular in different domestic and foreign websites where the police and the authorities are very much silent about the issue.
Like such the recent sex tape scandal of Namarata Shrestha not only highlights the lack of proper rules and regulation but shows the lack of effectiveness of cyber rules and regulation in Nepal. Despite the fact that the sex tape was first published in You tube and later on a pornographic website openly is a concern over the exploitation of the actress privacy and her rights. Though after reporting the You tube band the video from displaying but the pornographic website without restriction is sharing the files to the mass. It’s easy availability and uploading in such websites raises question of authority and lack of management.
Under the Nepal’s civil law nudity in any form is considered to be illegal and punishable but with the growing popularity of website like http://www.mastishare.com/ and http://www.nepaliplay.tk/ Nepali pornographic materials are easily available at the touch of the button. Apart from that the Nepali pornographic material are very much getting popular among those site where they are hosted for free and are basically uploaded by members. These aspects are growing into a culture where they are being manipulated and managed in desired ways to serve the wrong doers for their personal and selfish motives. Furthermore, if the situation persists and if the government shadows the issue, the free uploading of Pornographic materials will materialize itself as the legal form of blackmail and extortion.
The easy accessibility of mobile phone and easy internet connection has not only facilitated the risk of exposure but on the other side is making popular the concept of bad publicity and open culture where teenagers are adapting it within their life style.
Anyone can easily capture or create a video and upload it to a website where there is no restriction and which can be easily open for download. So who is responsible for what is a question that haunts people who suffer the consequence.
A concern has been raised among researchers and intellectuals regarding cyber issues, pornographic website and exploitation where the internet gimmicks as a tool of knowledge but on the other hand threats the social norms and values where internet standardization and its rule is question that need to be raised in the right forum with right issues.
By Shreedeep Rayamajhi

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