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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Doing politics in the name of janjati is wrong…………………….

The true definition of a Janjati(Indigenous) is "jungle tribe living on wild fruits and plant roots, one that is totally cutoff from the development process". This means all the elite PhD and educated people who claim themselves to be janjati is false. It means all the leaders of the so called “janjati” freedom movement who are educated and living in city areas are lying?

In recent practice, we have seen a fight to list all cast and creed to janjati’s list where I never had an idea about the true definition and meaning of a janjati. Now when I have an idea I get a true understanding why the Bahuns and Chhetri wanted to list themselves as Janjatis and to the logic it is admissible.

Most of the elite Clan (caste) of Newars, Magars, Limbus who have been living in the city and using the top notch government facilities and infrastructure are not janjatis neither they can be called that. In true meaning janjati(Indigenous) is a state of living whose habitat is reserved in local state separating themselves from any facilities and development process.

“RAUTE” in a true sense is the example of Janjati(
Indigenous) who have been holding there identity disrespect to any development or influence. There living standard and ways of life has whatsoever no influence in any way from modernization and there recent demand for securing their identity and habitat was in a true an issue of janjati.

According to
Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN), the definition of Janjati or indigenous people are those who are not listed in below category:
  • First settlers prior to the formation of Gorkha and Nepal state.
  • Dominated group and no representation in state organs
  • Not included in the Hindu cast system.
  • Own language, culture and religion different from the rulers.
  • Listed by Nepalese Government Indigenous Act 2002.
Note: Brahmins, Chhettris and Madeshi Brhamins are not Indigenous people of Nepal.
I was really surprised to see and hear the true meaning of “janjati” let's except the fact that if you are educated and you are living in a city area then how can you list yourself as janjati and why should you…………?
The question that comes up here is who is ready to except reality, the political leaders who are manipulating the name janjatis to play their dirty politics or the big INGos and other diplomatic mission who give opportunities and money in the name of janjatis………..

I believe all cast creed people who are deprived from the facilities are janjati’s but using this as a political agenda and manifesto is wrong.
Doing politics in the name of janjati is wrong…………………….

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