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Friday, June 19, 2015

Nepal Government at the verge of its Hypocracy

Recently the Nepal Government  in wake of the  earthquake of 25 April announced the destruction or demolition of the illegal constructed buildings. Soon after the announcement the Government had to face criticism regarding the corruption involved during the approval and process of building construction and certification.

After weeks, a new information has surfaced that most of the government construction are illegal, yes many of the ministries constructed inside the administrative Den Singh Durbar are without the blue print. Even the current Birendra International Convention Center (BICC) home of the Constitution Assembly has not be registered under the concern department.  The list goes on long with high profile organization directly affiliated with the government  that failed to get the legal status from the concern authorities.

What a joke, that rules and regulations that the Nepal Government is currently trying to implement has no values in view of its own practice. Then does the government has any right to do it in retrospect of the public. Nepal government has been very futile in its policies and its actions but when it comes down to making blunders then its at the top proving the level of its competency.
whether right or wrong if the government is not following  its own policy then it's very hard for the government to convenience the public to be abide by it.


Monday, May 20, 2013

no one is responsible in this country

May 20 2013, the summer has just landed and with the temperatures soaring up to 20 to 30 F, people are easing with the rain. Rain is considered one of the most benefiting factors with regards to land but in the city area with concrete running everywhere due to lack of proper drainage might result in as a big problem.

Having said that I'm not against the rain but the lack of proper management of sewage system certainly makes you think where I am going.  It can be  a disaster during the rainy season  where the roads become rivers for drainage. Like such, it rained today and the roads of kamaladi were spill over by sewage that stinked and blocked the road, restricting people from commuting.

What can we say its a Metropolitan city with big corporate offices and the drainage spills over every time it rain, its one of the most pathetic examples of Kathmandu Metropolitan city (KMC) management skills. at least they need to be tight with their jobs in assuring  a proper drainage system. We pay taxes to the government for this and its is lack of carelessness shown that makes the public suffer.....

We all have to bear this in regards to no one hearing public outcry but it has to be managed as it affects us. Apart from that many of us have well appreciated the road expansion strategy of Nepal Government  but with such volatile situation of electrical wires running around you never know anything can happen.

who is responsible for public safety management ?

I don't see the government, the political parties and any other institution  then why should we Bloody pay taxes to this Government when there is no management.....................

If this is the case then why should the public pay taxes


Monday, November 12, 2012

Parking a huge problem in Kathmandu during festival season

The KMC and traffic police lack of management results in a chaos during festival season. Due to lack of proper management of street Vendors and Parking space, every year during the festival months Newroad is crowded with people.

As the festival of Tihar started from today, street vendors have come out to streets making the roads narrow. Traffic was completely halted where the parking space on the side of road worsen the scenario.
One can just imagine the road  being narrowed by the parking space and adding more fury the street vendors                  creating a chaos. Every year the same thing repeats again and again, every year  during the festival season due to lack of management by the KMC and Traffic police normal public are bound to suffer the consequences.    

Friday, April 27, 2012

Weeks and still the maintenance work awaits time

In Kathmandu metropolitan city’s main heart Traffic life line Putalisadak, the road has been leaking with sewage and waste water 24/7 from past 1 month and things seems to halt with slow maintenance and bad management by Kathmandu Metropolitan Corporation (KMC).

The walk way is totally obstructed with dug up mud and sewage water flowing in the road makes it hard for the pedestrian and people passing by. Every day passing by, it stinks and unnecessarily drivers speeding up their vehicle splashing dirty water to the road side people or bike riders is the audacity of outcry. The KMC has been trying to work in expanding the sewage capacity there but at the cost of public suffering is wrong.

The laxity shown by the KMC is completely ignorant towards the tax payers. Reality of today when it come to spending and showing their image they come up with big campaigns like clean up Kathmandu and something like this that directly effects public health and hygiene they are silent and ignorant about the issue. May be we need to make our Prime minister walk through the road and only then things will change.

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