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Friday, November 25, 2011

Act of Cruelty, Kidnappers still bargained for ransom after the death of the boy

Kathmandu, Nov 24: The body of a 11 years old boy Shubham Sah son of Ram Bhagat Sah was found dead on Wednesday at a bus ticket booking counter in Kalanki. The body of shubham was found wrapped in a luggage bag that was placed at Super Sita Yatayat’s ticket booking counter. It has been reported that the boy died due to lethal amounts of chloroform inhalation.

Ram Bhagat Sah, the father of the kid said, “The caller first demanded a ransom of Rs 5 million, then Rs 4 million and eventually Rs 2.5 million, their demand kept fluctuating highlighting if he doesn’t pays the money then they will kill the child. He filed a complaint at Metropolitan Police Crime Division, Hanumandhoka and the police started guiding and instructing him.”

According to the Police, “They have arrested seven people in connection with the kidnapping and murder. The kidnapping was done with the sole intention of extortion. Police started to investigate as soon as the case was reported, we managed to arrest on culprit on Tuesday and during the interrogation the culprit admitted and gave the names of the conspirator. Even after the murder, they were bargaining for the ransom until Tuesday. The kidnappers had kept the boy in a rented room of Dharmendra at Samakhushi Kapurdhara, and murdered the boy on Sunday and packed the dead body in a suitcase.”

Making the names of the culprits, following people were arrested in the case Santosh Pandit, 26, of Janakpur was the main man behind following his league, his accomplices in crime are were Devendra Thakur, Ramji Thakur, Dharmendra Thakur, Lal Babu Thakur, Dipak Balami, and and Ashish Dura.


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