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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

How to get an MRP in Nepal

Getting a Machine Readable Passport (MRP) is not as easy as expected, though the process includes a general verification of original documents with the MRP form but still it’s not an easy process.  Its funny thing that for just verification it generally takes more than 2 hrs that too if you are lucky and if not can proceed to another day.

If you are planning to apply for the MRP in Nepal than it’s useless to waste your time downloading the form and filling it at your home. As if you do so, while verification process there are chances that your form might get rejected due to the indentation or some other errors. So better you come to the District Administration Office (DAO) and fill the form paying NRS 50. In case you do not have a photo also no need to worry, you can click a MRP sized photo instantly at NRS 150 at the near stall. It seems unusual but there seems to be a very good coordination in between so called mechanism. What I mean to say is the DAO is there to serve the public and these so called managing agents (typist+ photographers) are there to earn. The amazing thing is they even provide you with bills. It seems that there is a very good coordination in between the officers and the so called form typist and filler where everything works in close integration and management.

Though it looks very nominal amount of money but every citizen paying an extra NRS 200 for filling a form can be a hefty sources of income for both the fillers and the officer.

After filling your form through the small corner shop, you would be asked to take the form to the officer at room no 105 for validation this is needed to be done only for hand written citizenship. After getting it verified you are asked to take it to room no 107 for attesting. If you are lucky it can be done in second the officer available might ask you questions to verify your documents. After this you are asked to visit room no 106 for second verification process. After the second verification process they ask you to pay the money to the Bank and after getting the voucher you can submit the form and voucher to room no 107 which ends the process.       

After completing the process you are asked to check the official site of DAO for name publishing of people whose MRP are completed and you can come collect the document. They generally say it takes about 45 days for completing the process and getting your passport you have to get into lines to get the stamp and signature.

Documents required
-Citizenship photocopy -2
-Passport photocopy-1 (In case of previous issue)
-Photo (MRP size)
-MRP Form
-Old passport (for verification)

(Note: Just be careful not to sign in between the lines. If you sign touching the box the form is rejected.
Please reconfirm all your information as once it’s done it cannot be changed and you have to apply again in case of any mistake.)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Government of Nepal Stakes Credibility by Issuing Recommendation to a convicted

Biratnagar, Nepal: Yadunath Ghimire, district central committee member of United Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) and a murder convict who is being wanted in the police list has been recommended by the District Administration Office, Okhaldhunga for the Machine Readable Passport (MRP) reports the My republic one of the National Daily of Nepal.

Ghimire was sentenced to jail by Okhaldhunga District Court September, 2010 after he was convicted for the murder of CPN-UML cadre Chhavilal Karki in 8 July 2010.

It was reported that Ghimire approached Morang district administration on 5 Dec, 2011 with a recommendation and migration letters from the DAO Okhaldhunga for the MRP but Ghimire fled the scene quickly after submitting the forms. He has backed his application by his political power but the administration has withheld the application on basis of moral ground safeguarding the documents issued by the DAO. His status is being wanted in the police where the political backing shows the current government’s role and intention regarding maintaining a legal status and practices in Nepal.

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