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Friday, May 9, 2014

Nepal Investment Bank one of the most insensitive and very very sad services

I had my first bank account opened in  Investment Bank Pvt, LTD in early 2000. I think it was my first bank account but I still recall the bad services and amount of money that I paid in return  and lack of customer care that was there. Specially in the Putalisadak the customer was seriously bad if you ask them what to do they would shout back gone are those days (10 years back), I even fought with one of the customer care officer when she behaved and complained it to the manager once. Though things have changed and its was ages back but that reputation still precedes me in the fade memories, so I never recommend NIBL to any of my clients and offices.

In fact you would be surprised that I have paid more money to the bank than the bank has paid interest to me. It is so true due to the low balance charges, I have paid the bank many times in the past for having a low balance. Thank god the central bank abolished the system and now people are saved but still every year they do have their ways of taking money from the public in the name of service where they provide limitation in the name of customer care and long lines.

I think NIBL still has miles to go where they have to improve at individual level where they have less focus but one thing that they need to understand you never know who that client is and how that client might be doing marketing on their behalf.

Every year they Charge VISA Card
1. VISA card year 400 New
2. VISA renewal Nrs 250

Now if you look at their VISA card, it is  one of the worst. Every time I issue a new one it breaks from the same place. The quality of the VISA card is so thin  and sad that it is very very weak and sad quality. I think they purposely keep the quality low so that they would be able to issue more cards.

It is one of the lowest grade VISA cards, I do not why they have ranked this bank one of the top most banks in Nepal. Even at ground level the normal clients and customers have to wait for long ques for general services.

With all the dissatisfaction and pain I finally decided to close the account so I went and inquired about the process, I seriously wanted to give away my account. I was asked to fill a closing  requisition form and was informed that for closing an account  they would charge me NRS 500. I was like what the F@@@@@@

Then another girl from the bank gave me a smart solution why don't you opt for the 1 rupee account where changing the account had a nominal cost of Nrs 300 and i would just have to maintain the 1 rupee in the account so i change my account type and I am happy.


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