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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Nepal Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) malfunctioning questions user Rights

NTC Error message
In recent years, we have evolved from an autocratic regime to a more federal democratic environment where we have rights of everything. Today there are human rights, privacy rights, consumer rights etc.  to protect in everything we do and it has adapted in our lifestyle and technology that we use and live with.
Recently I encountered something that really surprised me, it’s a small error, but for a national public company like Nepal Telecommunication Corporation(NTC)  that pays billions in taxes to the government displaying a definite wrong message  was a question of curiosity as well as a stand to question. My issue was to question what are my rights in context of using the service and facilities related to the company and its product.
Technical details: When you press *400# to display your current balance and if you try to make a call the software displays a message, “Sorry you have no right to call.”
How convenient or right is that when you are the rightful owner of the number and the mobile set and your legal status is being questioned.
A small thought, but I think it’s a major issue in regards to the question that comes up when we receive advertisements from NTC about events or promotional campaigns do we have the privacy rights to say no.
I may or may not be right, but what concerns me is the level of recognition of user's rights and   that these organization practices in retrospect of showcasing their responsibilities towards clients and their services.

DO I HAVE ANY RIGHTS ....................


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