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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Its not glam photography its skin photography


This is to the level, I could not stop my self laughing out loud.....LMAO , what is this? A young woman in her desperate attempt to be popular is being pushed to her limitations. Just have a look at this picture, does it look sexy or hot or in any way appealing. The girl herself looks scared that she might tip off.

These days the Nepali Modelling Industry specially the on line is going bazook with showing and highlighting private part of Female Models.

In most of the cases the photographers push them but without the affirmation of the models they cannot do anything. But my question is why are the female models so desperate in taking off their cloths.

Most of the online web portals have these types of pictures that highlights nudity and vulgarity then art or anything. Women look like dairy product showing off their mammary glads and its pathetic. What can on expect from such photographer and models

Looking at these picture I would just say, It's vulgar-vulgar-vulgar. Today Nepal's modelling industry is degrading with such acts where as on the other hand there has been a prominent development as well.

The HIMALAYAN TIMES FASHION WEEK is yet another event that has been promoting and focusing towards grooming new models in a more standard and appealing way. The models are selected in a more rigorous and precises way where they are trained and groomed for more than a month. They are given the adequate training by the professional and most importantly they are well paid through out the session.

On one hand the industry is facing crisis with skin photography where as on the other there is a better option of holding your identity and presence. Now the choice is for the Nepali models who want to be famous, you want to be known as the XXX or the YYY.

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