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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bus for only tourists not for citizens

Why we Nepalese are so weak ?
The Nepal government provides Bus services for the so call Tourists (goro challa) and for us Nepalese we have to walk. It is pathetic just to give service to the tourists and how it is practical to do that. Isn’t the government supporting Nepal Bandha by doing so? What about the police and resources they keep a watch doing nothing and that's just because the opposition party is doing it? If the police prohibits then later when they to power they slack the police, what a rule ..............

I feel like a second grade citizen in my own country where a citizen is being treated like this. There should be a manner of equality or else there should be no discrimination. It’s  us the citizen who pay taxes to run the government not the tourists and I can guarantee you that we pay more taxes than them then why are we being be discriminated….

The political culture of Nepal has gone insane where politics has become a tool of power and corruption. Moral, Ethic and dignity are just words limited in books which is a hard to find.

This is an example of the weak mentality of discrimination, EITHER THERE SHOULD BE NO NEPAL BANDHA OR THERE SHOULD BE TRANSPORTATION FOR ALL..

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