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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Nepal Vs Afghanistan in the SAFF 2013 match

Nepal Vs Afghanistan in the SAFF 2013 match was a class one. The whole country and the football fan lovers of Nepal were disappointed with the performance of the Nepali National team. Though many of the fans appreciated the game but on practical grounds Nepal played the worst match of their league.

Football in Nepal is not just a game its a nation's passion and pride  where the whole country unities to cheer for Nepal. What rich what poor they all come together for the red and when the team fails to re-conciliate this then there is a huge disappointment. its the end of a dream that fails to say we lost and tears come out of eyes saying we could have done better. Nevertheless with high morale people at-least have a satisfaction that we won over India.

The Himalayan times quotes, "Nepal made a weak start, losing ball possession. Afghanistan dominated the game for the first half an hour and they were rewarded for their hard work with Ahmadi netting the ball after Nepal goalkeeper fumbled inside the danger zone. The Afghans put so much pressure on the home side that all the 11 players were pushed inside the box on couple of occasions. Nepal caught the momentum in the last 10 minutes of the first half and created chances at regular intervals but failed to find the back of the nets."

Just for this match the fans started queuing up outside the stadium early morning to buy tickets despite the hike in prices – Rs 500 from open parapet and Rs 1,000 for parapet with roof the tickets were sold within one hour of opening and most of them turned down.

I am not talking about the over all technical game, but it matters for how many goals we make, a game is not just for wining its an evaluation and the sportsmanship about taking losses as well.

But my concern is this game was not just part of the passion of football it was the dream of thousands of Nepali who were dreaming of being a sportsmanship. The only thing that disappointment me was the lack of professionalism shown by the two players.

1.Kiran Kumar Limbu (Goal Keeper who dodged the ball and the opponent turn it into a goal)
2. Rohit Chand (Penalty missed)

How can a national player doze a ball in-front of  the opponent players who are attacking? was he not trained or was he not capable of playing such a national match ? or was it the hang over of the win over India?

how can a forward striker miss a penalty that too two 2 times?

What kind of players are we appointing in national team ?

 Neither should we expect this nor should we believe in giving second chance. These national players have been given national pride and prestige  plus they have been given the opportunity apart from that the nation has invested so much of money on their training  so how can they be careless. I know our opportunities and facilities given are not equal to the world class but still the government has facilitated the possible. The players can't complain nor they can escape this loss they have to show their game than to complain....

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