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Sunday, July 15, 2012

HIGHWAY - The Nepali movie a Big turn off

The new movie HIGWAY is said to be based on a real story  but how admissible is it for any movie to use the so called Glam factor and to highlight the "sex sells concept" is my concern. It is high time when we all realize and say no to such concepts and a eyes opener for the Nepali Movie Industry  to be more  sharp and diligent about such issues. On contrary, the movie has tried to raise few issues which can be seen in the PROMOs but it also highlights the negative aspect of our society which is harsh and obvious. What can you expect from a movie that caters a woman’s nudity to sell a movie and where are we going?

I think we the young generation should Boycott such movies, it’s not the need of the story it’s the need and mentality of the director. I have seen the song and the way it is picturised is VULGAR. More specifically  putting an item song to make it hot and happening might highlight the need of the story but how palpable is it from a social point of view is my concern ...........

The thing is Loot started the trend of foul language then following that every other movie copied it in the name of commercialization and every other movie has a demand of SEX scenes and nudity. To be precise it has developed as a trend where the weak mentality of producers and directors have made it
a compulsion for easy catch. with such scene and songs people will look into it or else controversies is always there to spread the news.

The question is not here about what social issues the movie raises, the main question here is about the social impact and what message it is giving?

SEX sells is a reality but are we ready to accept this is a fact. We all know this but to its shadows it also has its consequences which needs to be understood and researched. The main heroin  RICHA SHARMA  may look sexy, hot and voluptuous but  she also look VULGAR.

The song may bring in few audiences to the Theaters but what about the IMPACT. Are we giving people the right definition and meaning of cinema……………  

The trend of following the same genre of SEX sells attitude has corrupted the minds of Nepali directors, they can’t think beyond the chollis and bar girls performing.

I think the Nepali directors know how to make and sell movies but Is it a compulsion to put nudity and sex saying its a need...............?

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