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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ganatantra Diwas 2070 / Republican day Nepal May 29 2014

Nepal was added as the latest edition in the Federal Republican list. For most of the citizens they barely know what a republican day stands for, in-fact most of the people celebrate this day as a national holiday to dose off from their daily work and pressure.   

But on real grounds Nepal being declared a Federal Republic has no meaning to its existence. We neither practice the meaning nor do we have the legal rights. In any democratic system, people are considered the optimal power point, but here in Nepal the practice has been opposite.

People have been said to be the focusing point, but they have not been given the power. Their power have been taken away by their so called political leaders. These political leaders in absence of a political culture are practicing nepotism, corruption, manipulation, favoritism, criminalization etc. in the name of politics and public. The real meaning of federalism or republican means giving public the ultimate power to rights and justice of rule of law.

Looking back at present situation it has already been 6 years, since Nepal started its journey towards a new system, but still after six long years and billions of rupees being invested. We have not even been able to get our constitution. The constitution making process proves to be a joke that ridiculously appears as a cartoon or a discussion of illogical ideas with no ending  that has no meaning?

What’s the use when we elect and send these political leaders to make constitution and they are not even capable of making one?           

The country where the people or public have no voice and where the political leaders are the superior power there is #nodemocracy . It is just a formality of so called hypocrisy.....
In real democracy people have absolute power or mandate to choose and not being imposed......... 

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