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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

PK may be the best movie for 2014 but has no soul to it

From its initial soft launching in October PK invited un-wanted attention with its poster and controversial statements in regards to religion. The movie was fully planned with better strategy and presentation in targeting its modern audience.
Though it is creating its record in the history of Bollywood but from a viewers point of view I find PK extraordinarily waste of time and nonsense. I personally think people loved this movie in craze of Amir khan and his legacy of profound creativity that he prolongs.

The movie hugely targets the orthodox prejudice tradition and taunts the religion and culture about its drawback.

The movie starts with a ultra modern theory of an Alien who lands up in a deserts and later on grasps the language and culture. Now tell me who would be dumb enough not to know the landing of a spaceship in the territory of India. More could have been done to add in adapting the current technological development and what India stands for in terms of Astronomy.

The movie tries to collaborates towards focusing the normality of Indian lifestyle but somewhere down the lane it also highlights the Indian cultural transitional phase and dramatic issues of Indo Pakistan relationship with a new twist.

A love triangle with a country angle in the middle is more confusing than anything but one thing is very credible that Mr Amir khan has done is he has tried to bring in his experience of a philanthropist that he worked in Satyamayaba Jayate a TV series.

Not to be rude I guess Vinod Chopra must hard time shooting and directing this movie than arguing with amir khan contemplating the situation and scene.

Everything works in India with the Khans, reality is for a movie to work well in Bollywood it doesn't need a good script and good technical support  but it takes big names and their experience.  

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