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Monday, June 25, 2012

Hypocrisy at its best, Baburam the new King

We took one king out saying that orthodox views and blocking roads was not right but now there are many KINGS. Today during the return of Prime Minister Baburam Bhattrai the whole traffic system was halted for more than 15 minutes just to give way for him. How appropriate is it for him to do such a thing when he was against it previously. May be it's a Nepali political culture that says when your not in power you should oppose and when you get the power, you can do anything. I think this is to the level that none of the Nepali political leaders are responsible they say one-thing and do another, it has been a usual practice. They don't even stand up for the values and words that they speak. I believe being a leader you have greater responsibility of being an idol and proving to stand against your words but at the end of the day I'm disappointed to look at such acts of hypocrisy and leaders pretending different Image. Nepal's politics is corrupted and its always about POWER and POSITION that matters but reality of today everything that goes up has to come down and its not always a sunny day when your day comes down so its better to have some good reasons to stand against than to be a hypocrite...

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