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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Priyanka Karki and her new ordeal of Social Media Crisis

Priyanki Karki With her new car that she claims to have bought with her hard earned money

Priyanka Karki has been in the buzz of Nepal's socialite and entertainment industry from past few years. She made it to the top list of communication media from TV to flims' to videos'. Indeed a pushed popular face in the industry but not well appreciated among critics and crowd. Time and again with her immature attitude and lifestyle, she has found herself to  controversy  . Though very talented but her popularity has become her hindrance at times. Recently, she posted her picture with a new Hyundai Tucson car that she claimed to have bought with her own hard earned money. With the picture, the public started speculating how she earned so much of money.  Her credibility
and intentions were questioned with huge allegation of misappropriation.

As recently she was involved in a fund raising program in UK for the earthquake victims in Nepal.

Mistake:1. Being a public figure  you have certain pros and cons
2. You cannot be judgmental all the time
3. You have your right to privacy where you cannot be public at all times
4. Show off attitude is wrong
5. You cannot act like a normal public as people look up to you

She with her open and frank attitude has landed herself in a social media crisis situation. Trying to escape or denying the controversy is not a solution. She needs to act firmly as the more she tries to give explanation is the more she is speculated and criticized. So accepting the problem and denying the controversy is  the only solution where she can put her point and proof. Out-lashing and confronting  people is not a solution. Moreover, she would further be giving people a chance to judge her which is not the right thing at the moment.    

Being a celebrity she has  certain responsibilities where she needs to act, she cannot be open and she cannot be vile all the time. People look up to her that means people have certain rights to expect so she needs to understand and work on that.      

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