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Friday, June 15, 2012

Ethnic Based Federalism and why ......

People are again back in streets shouting slogans of ethnic based federalism. Perhaps, it has just been weeks in scenario of the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly that was nominated by the people and within weeks political puppets are on streets demanding need of ethnic based federalism. To understand the need of federalism we have to understand the cultural and social state of the country. This country was unified by late king Prithivi Narayan Shaha who by his visionary leadership and strategies created NEPAL and it is his contribution that we have this country. Thousands of Nepalis have contributed their blood and sweat to hold its unity where today it’s on the verge of loosing its identity. Ethnic Federalism for who and why is my question to all. Don't we have enough right to earn our lives, dont we have rigths to speak in our own language, don't we have rights to do what we want, then why.....
Understanding the relativity, the so called vested interest of the invisible forces have been pre

ssuring the government and the so called leaders with regards of making their selfish motive

of power and bureaucracy have jeopardize the situation.

Before shouting slogans of ethnic based federalism first we have to understand its meanings, after that we have understand the pros and cons of its adaptation. Some of the experts have also argued that pros and cons of ethnic based federalism is not a testing phase for anyone, it’s about the lives and future of millions of Nepalese which needs to be understood. Likewise, on the other side there are more loses than wining situation as our practice would be limited in giving rights to a few of the cultural groups discriminating other, its just the matter of practicing racialism.

As such there will be greater chance of conflict and confusion which can result in unavoidable sitation and action like cultural cleansing and mass killing, communal difference etc.

How can we demand equality in the name of divide? It’s just the matter of time and understanding and making it right rather than complaining and dividing the country into fractions. Political leaders are happy because they will have more seats and options to play their dirty games but on the lighter side its on the public who have to face the burden from administrative to operation cost. Moreover there are issues of resource sharing and scarcity of infrastructure so to say the individual province will be stronger within its self will be a completely wrong statement.

My question to all leaders are what are you people thinking enough is enough its high time to think about the country than to individual party and difference.

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