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Monday, March 24, 2014

Right to information in Nepal

The law of Right to information in Nepal came into action after 2007. The Draft and it’s legal parameters can be obtained at http://www.moic.gov.np/acts-regulations/right-to-information-act.pdf  though the law defines its democratic rights for any citizen  to inquire about any desired informant related to a public body , but the Right to Information Act, 2064 (2007) is still in its beginning stage where it needs to be explored and researched. Still today people do not have any idea about the law. Not just for city areas, but in the rural village areas where the law can be an effective tool for controlling corruption and irregularities  has just been hidden lacking publicity and popularity. What are we lack and why  this law shadowing …………….

If we look at its uses and provision this law can be used as an effective means to empower the people in every aspect of bringing transparency in reducing corruption in Nepal. As ultimately corruption happens in-front of the public in connection with resources that are either mismanaged or are hidden from the public. The Right to Information Act, 2064 (2007) gives the public full right to inquire about the desired information. This way, the public is fully aware and in control of the spending that is happening so they can fully verify the progress and development.  It is not just a sense of using the rights, but it’s about having questions and standing for your rights.

As we all waste our time criticizing and talking about what is not happening around, but is it not our responsibility to question what is happening ? Why are we silent of all the happenings.
 It is our country and our politician whom we have selected and send them heir and if they fail to perform then it is our responsibility to aware them that we are watching them if  we cannot then there is no purpose of criticizing or putting allegation on others.

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