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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Social Media Buzz and dumb reality: social media myths

These days there is a buzz of social media. From the top notch brands to the local in house shop everybody is going global with opening their social media pages, blogs and experimenting and spending their time, money and resources on heft program without knowing their purpose and interest. It's like the trend of the 21st century that has ignited the fire and passion of social media fashion.
One thing that really amazes me are the so called big names in the game. These so called digital strategist or gurus have been harvesting the social media with millions of dollars in the name of so called social media resources selling and opining their expertise in increasing of the reach, interaction and conversion.

Now, I have few questions about such so called self proclaimed social media strategists and gurus who run hundreds of classes online or sell materials online in the name of running 100% successful program. What guarantee do they give nothing? Then what do they sell?
 They sell dreams and hopes that are more lucrative than anything and target their clients.
 I am surprised how dumb can we be. The internet is a powerful tool just do a research and you will have everything than following some American or Australian  running a so called marketing program that cost hundred of Dollars. They are not the official representative of Google or Facebook or Twitter or Youtube or Linkedin. You can easily do a research about some topic in google or any other search engine and get desired results to get their answers.

Like what are ways of interacting with people on facebook or how to tighten your privacy or how to make your profile more appealing in social media.
For instance Facebook runs its own marketing page where it updates its users about its recent developments and security issue. Similarly, other social media send updates via emails and newsletters about their new changes and updates, then why are people so dumb in spending hundred of USD for something that is already there.

I have seen big corporate following big names in the game just for the sake of it. It's just common sense. You need to be yourself and need to be honest.To some extent, this new trend of social media craze is giving more priority towards SPAMMING. People specially corporate are going viral with making videos, blogs and newsletters and sharing it uselessly and unwantedly. On one hand, you are wasting your  time, money and resources where as on the other hand, you are wasting others time doing spamming. The thing is with your social media you are already discoverable on the different social media channels with the variables of factors of Search Engine Optimization(SEO) to info-graphics if you have quality content then you just to tweak it and you are visible.
One thing that I can predict and say is social media has driven the 21st  century to the crazy of doing everything differently where the consequences are very open, but using the logic, we fail to realize and adapt the alteration of its impact in both our society and human behavior.

Social media Myths 
1. Big number of likes make you or your company famous and popular
2. Being present in all social media is a symbol of social status
3. Following big names help you increase your popularity
4. There is no hard and fast rule on Social media, it depends upon the company and its set of experiment that it tries
5. Using and following technique has no result than wasting your time, value and money
Social Media rules 1. Be honest
2. Have limited number, but quality people as your audience
3. Good information is more useful than bulk of rubbish information
4. Communication is important, but useless and unwanted communication in the name of SPAMMING is wrong
5. Creating fake information is more harmful than anything
6. Always be attentive about your audience
7. Core values of society Human values to be precise helps you to connect
The reality is social media is just a platform of interaction that can facilitate in flowing the information. One thing we all should understand is following other is good but following other blinding is completely wrong.It's part of storytelling where you can be a leader or a follower or an addict  the choice is yours, but trying to someone that you are not can create problems in the long run which needs to be understood.        

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