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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Media publicity in un-necessary way SSP Kharel a hero or a Villan

SSP kharel donating Nrs 25,000 to the help Nepal Network to Rabindra Mishra 

These days’ social networking sites are flooded with the messages of SSP Kharel's controversy or SSP Kharel saving campaigns. The issue hit me so much that I started Investigating and within seconds, I had the answers why, what and how people were being misinterpreted.

Ramesh Kharel was recently summoned a transferred order by the Home ministry from his current post of Chief of Metropolitan Police Kathmandu to Police headquarters. According to various sources, SSP Ramesh Kharel’s transferred order was issued in view of his negligent behavior that he had shown in a public event at Mahendra Police club. During that event, SSP Ramesh Kharel remarked that some of the incumbent DIGs were trying to bribe the government ministers and other senior politicians for their promotions where Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mahendra Pandey was the chief guest. With such statement a panel of 3 members’ investigation team was set up under DIG Bigyan Raj Sharma for further investigation. The committee founded SSP Kharel guilty and had forwarded immediate action against him.
It has been reported that under the recommendation of the probe, SSP Kharel has been transferred to Police Headquarters for his careless behavior.

Though there has been many groups and events started in facebook in favor of SSP Kharel, people need to know the reality. It’s time when the public needs to be aware about the truth. Just because there are more supporters of Kharel, he cannot by pass the rules and regulation of his position and popularity. He doesn’t have the right to speak anything and everything in public.

 Police is an important institution and its representative cannot speak carelessly or cannot be indiscipline. It’s against their rule of duty as well as against their work culture. Their pride and honor is to serve the public not to act like a hero.  I think being responsible is more important in civil service than to cashing your popularity. Your duty is to serve the public and one should follow the culture and line of duty rather than being careless because when you are responsible only then you can prevent the wrong doers and motivate others.

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