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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The new messiah in town Scott H. Delisi

It just brings me smiles, looking at people asking and requesting his Excellency Mr Scott H. Delisi the ambassador of Nepal in search of looking for a solution for the bad political and corruption situation. Everyday day his fan page entertains hundreds of comments regarding issues of political, culture, climate change and other relevant issues.
It just makes no sense that why people are requesting him to do this and that.
Is he the government NO?
Is he the administration NO?

He is Just an ambassador of United States of America.

May be Nepalese have started looking at him as the new messiah of Nepal who can do anything and everything. I guess it’s just the way of our weak state of mind that we fail to realize. Our leaders are worthless from Nepali congress to CPN to UML and looking at this weak stage of expectation people have started to search a new NAYAK( Leader) who can do things instantly magically.

But one question pops in my mind why foreign diplomats are so actively enrolling themselves in Nepal’s politics chaos. One thing they all have to understand is their statements can be wrongly interpreted. They don’t represent their individual identity they represent their institution and poking into other country’s scenario is a question of controversy which needs to be well understood.

Scott says, December 18 at 11:45am “ The NC Central Committee has called for a bandh tomorrow. If this means a repeat of the intimidation and violence we saw on Saturday I think this is unfortunate. Ultimately, it is up to you as Nepalis to determine the values you want to shape your political culture, but these actions affect your friends as well. The US recently lifted the travel warning for American citizens hoping to visit Nepal and we are actively seeking to bring American investors here. This type of political violence puts our efforts at risk and threatens to recreate the atmosphere that led to the travel warning in the first place. We have said before, and say again, that we do not condone the use of intimidation and violence by any party. We hope that the NC leadership will reconsider its decision and instead choose a path for peaceful protest that does not restrict freedom of movement for others and that is consistent with the values of a party that has been an advocate for democracy for decades. As always, I welcome hearing how all of you see this issue.”

Scott says, December 17 at 1:23pm , “Once again the city is wracked by a bandh and violence has been reported. Burning the vehicles of taxi drivers trying to earn a living is not the answer. Demonstrations are one thing. Violence and harming others is another. Just as we urged the UML leadership to speak out recently I hope that the Congress leaders, who pride themselves on their long support for democracy, will tell their students that violence directed against their fellow citizens is NOT part of the democratic vision of the NC.”

From the recent bandhas few weeks back called by a political party to the comment that he placed on his fan page to the Nepal Congress bandha a few days back his Excellency has been very proactive about his statements. I believe if American embassy is so active and so much bothered about the public and social welfare issue why doesn’t it takes initiation in returning the VISA application money after rejecting the application of VISA. We can understand there is a certain cost involved with the VISA processing but hey not 100% that’s like an earning source. You can at least refund 70 or 30 percent of the VISA processing fee coz as you know Mr. Ambassador we are the least poor country and that’s the least you could do being the super power, correct me if I’m wrong.

Another more prominent issue I have with the US embassy is why is it that US embassy is secretly and illegally helping the Tibetan refugees. US embassy is a pristine institution and it’s helping Tibetans is not an issue of concern but helping them illegal migrants on sovereign ground of Nepal by bypassing its laws and regulation is a question that too with fake passport and official document is a great concern. On what ground is it morally or ethically correct.

Correct me if I’m wrong

A Nepali with 2 words of question

Shreedeep Rayamajhi

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