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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Content is not the king SEO is the KING

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As we all know these days Social media and micro blogging sites are getting popular and with that technology and people's perception is also changing.  The bulky text or content which used to flower the online pages has been replaced by crispy text, info graphics, videos and images. The website that use to be full of content and keywords have been transformed into responsive designs with retina display and one page layout highlighting the theme of engagement, reach and immediate conversion. Focusing the new designs,  conversion is the main Mantra. 

It's like people have less time to read, they want information at instance and they want it in graphics than long exaggerating content. By saying this I am not trying to demean the importance of CONTENT but to a level in this world of fast technology people are more grasping the mobile integration and technology in their life business and everywhere.

From smart houses to TVs to smart phones everything is getting smart, even the online website and its content has been tweaked to become more recursive and innovative in every aspect of its navigation and use.

It is a simple formula in the race of survival that if you are not available in mobile then you are nowhere. Your visibility is less and has no meaning if you cannot meet your competition.

Even big companies and brand have made it compulsory to market themselves  adopting new trends like why would news websites like BBC and CNN need social networking sites. In fact reality is in their prime time they pause to say check out faceboook link  and likes in our page.

Perhaps, why would  big brands like Coca Cola or Pepsi need to make a website or join social media, but they have felt the need and presence to be present online because it matter for their brand and marketing name. They want to be present in every aspect of showing their brand value online.

So whether its  Panda or  penguin or humming bird algorithm the concept of todays Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to make your website more informative, qualitative and  more responsive towards the users. Making a fake website or stuffing keywords, or having too many outbound links or referral link is not going to make any difference. What matters is the value of information that is understandable and for that it has no criteria. The trend and presentation might change exploring  the trend of technology and people’s mindset, but the core value will remain the same.
- Value of information
-User navigation

It's not about the level or quantity of CONTENT but its about the value and how people are reacting to the presentation. Google algorithm has been changing it's evaluating mechanism, making drastic changes from having a limitation of keywords to proportion of graphic used for outbound links to the use of geo tags to cross linking of social media etc. It has been live examples of how Google is trying to adjust and adapt. Similarly, with all these  changes, what we must understand is with any content or any portal the main thing that matters is originality and presentation.

With globalization and different algorithm, your website is on the verge of constantly being monitored and evaluated by the Google crawlers that checks and updates the cache memory. These memories are stored as tiny bits of data that Google keeps checking and indexing every now and then. The google indexing is not just a scanning process, but it also uses it to cross verify and evaluate the information.

If the Google finds more difference in its crawling caches and indexed files than it directs the website link to various google webmasters as errors. if the errors are not rectified then  it directs the web-links to  Google sandbox that literally shows no visibility and reference no matter how popular your website or blog is.

So one must be very careful about the layout of  information and about changing patterns of design that we all try to do. Google evaluates a website not by its graphical  assortment it evaluates a website by its technical easiness of user navigation, user choices and clicks and genuine traffic and its sources.

Just by giving good design and qualitative content it's not enough, you need to optimize your website according to certain standard with a definite strategy and keywords. Every page needs to be targeted by demographics and optimized.

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