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Saturday, March 1, 2014

weed day celebrated in Nepal

shivaratri 2014

No matter with what security or number of police personnel deployed, it makes no sense for one day in the year when hashish or weed goes legal in Nepal. At the official level government of Nepal may not accept this, but on real ground weed goes legal especially at pashupatinath area with fumes gauging the surroundings in making the youth attract in millions. What young / old or cast /creed everybody enjoys the Shivaratri with a different mindset. Traditional and culturally Shivaratri is the only festival that has a certain psychological aspect of taking up marijuana or weed as a sacred blessing from the god.  This trend has not only been exploited, but to some extent exaggerated by drug abusers and teenagers in using illegal substances in the name of culture and tradition.

Is this acceptable is my question?

Shocking truth, but it is real that from the past few years the government has been trying to control the uses of the illegal drugs like marijuana; hashish etc. During Shivaratri but culturally it has given way to specific areas and locations.  On Shivaratri the Weed/marijuana is consumed as a blessing of lord shiva as it is considered one of the very prized substances devoted to lord shiva where at times the teenagers and youngster without knowing the cause.

It’s fun, but without knowing the pros and cons you can land yourself in unwanted situation which needs to be explained.

With the growing trend of teenagers flocking to pashupatinath temple certainly hints the wrong use and possibility of vulnerability.

Yes, it’s our culture, but make it visible and having the clarity of not misusing is also our right and responsibility.
It was estimated that around 10 million people visited the pashupati Nath temple this year.   

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