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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Modern day slavery in Nepal

Nepal has successfully established itself as the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal but when it comes to practice, Nepal still lack modern values of Humanity.  Reality is still today in remote villages there are people and tradition that practices what is said to be beyond laws and social norms. The terms #Kamlari or #Kamaiya might sound different to you but for people living in the Western and Southern part it’s a nightmare of hard labor and endless beating especially in the Tharu community and Dalits.

Let me first explain what these terms mean #kamaiyas mean people bonded laborers who agree to work upon a certain amount of money for a certain time frame.

Kamlari is yet another form of #modern_Day_slavery where young girls and women are sold by their parents into indentured servitude under contract for periods of one year with richer, higher-caste buyers, generally from outside their villages.

With the end of December the community of Tharu rise up to celebrates the Maghi festival, marking the end of winter, with this celebration, the destitute Tharu families whose financial condition are not good sign into contracts with people who want laborers. Unfortunately most of these laborer are below 18 and most of them go through hard labor where as others whose luck run out are picked up by agents who sell them off for #flesh trade .    

These laborers are left behind with no right and no voice where they wounds inflict blood stains of being verbally abused to hard labor to sexual harassment and exploitation.

These days a-lot of Kamaiyas and Kamlaris have gained power both politically and socially but they fail to address these real problems where still today women, men and girls are sold and they  go through this burning hell. I think only few of the handful people have got the benefit of the #Kamlari_Movement and have had the opportunity to woek  in INGOs and NGOs due to their disadvantage where for the rest the ground reality is pain hard work, labor and exploitation.  

Nepal lacks small changes but how, where and when are the things that we fail to realize. 

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