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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I love my country but I have no respect for my Prime minister

Yesterday I was stuck in a Traffic Jam at Putalisadak. The road was jammed because our so call his Excellency Prime Minister BABURAM was passing by. There was a big traffic jam and due to this  an AMBULANCE was stuck in the jam. The traffic Police had blocked the road for nearly 20 minutes where the AMBULANCE was making a big noise which the traffic POLICE could hear. But since the so called his EXCELLENCY PM was passing, the  road was pre-blocked 15 minutes before he passed. The Traffic police was signaling the ambulance but due to the jam there was no way for it to pass.
How relevant is it to block the road just for the security of one man when someone, a normal person’s life is in danger. what is the Priority a  JANATA's life or the security of the so call prime minister, What a joke?
A normal person's life stands  nowhere in the eyes of the traffic police  and the country but this is reality.  We live in the so called LOKTANTRA (People's Democracy) my foot. I seriously want to question this why is that during the king's regime we opposed this and the same leaders who supported and accused the king then are now doing it.
Do they think that political leaders have special powers that they can say and do anything or do they think they are superior beings that they have the rights to do anything. But I say it's us the normal public who are so limited by the fact that we don't even dare and want to say it because we are so busy with our lives and problems that we ignore it, "के गर्ने नेपालमा यस्तै हो " .  When something wrong happens it should be reported and said that's why we have CONSTITUTION  and LAW. A wrong is a wrong no matter who does it or to whom  it is related with.  We have the CONSTITUTION which is above all and their its written everyone  is equal and same but where is equality and where is the bloody LOKTANTRA.
I do not understand big words Mr. Prime Minster. I'm the janata and I want my respect and dignity which you have to give me because you work for me not for your party not for your family.
I pay tax and I have every right to say..............................
मलाई मेरो देशसँग धेरैनै माया छ, तर मेरो प्रधानमन्त्रीको इज्जत लाग्दैन   ।

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