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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

PLA Numbers Inconsistent - Up or down a question for the Maoists party in Nepal

Kathmandu Nepal: With the categorization process in high swing, the real number of People Liberation Army (PLA) numbers and the frauds that was happening in the name of relief has come up. It was determined on Monday the last day of the categorization where a special team was devised by the newly formed government to deal with the peace process and the categorization process. Data show that the United Communist Party of Nepal (UCP- Maoists) was drawing an extra NRS 27 million in the name of deserters who were never present there. The recent categorization process shows the number of ex-Maoist combatants to be short by around 3,000 till date. On contrary the UCP –Maoist party has been making efforts to get the deserters back in the process of categorization.

According to the Special Committee for categorization, “Till date altogether 15,747 ex-Maoist soldiers have showed up. The categorization process expired on Monday where extension has been made for 3 more days looking at situation and time. Currently the categorization is left for only 1,094, in the Kailali Cantonment.”

In recognition of their contribution, the Nepal Government issues NRS 6,500 in allowance and Rs 2,730 on average for rations to each combatant every month.

Raising high controversies the records of the last month show the Office of Cantonment Management released allowances and rations to 19,525 combatants in total, which clearly shows the misappropriation and corruption happening at that level.

The current data submitted by the special committee certainly raises questions, regarding the misuse of resources allocated for combatant allowances and rations by the UCP-Maoists

Shreedeep Rayamajhi


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