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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Photographer's TIP of the DAY

Just by having a voluptuous body and showing off your Private body parts and SKIN doesn't makes you are SEXY. With such acts you may look Vulgar but not SEXY. SEXINESS is not about showing your cleavage or boobies or skin. It's about being yourself showing your personality and character and attitude. A model in a true definition is someone who is extraordinary in different aspect of how she present herself. It doesn't mean you are too easy to look at showing off your private part or SKIN. Doing such you are being vulnerable to externalities of EXPLOITATION and SEXUAL ABUSE. You have the right to hold your choice.

Binita baral one of the leading actress said in one of her interviews, "I don't want to be tagged like this, I want to be known as an actress. "

Her first movie "CHAPALI HEIGHTS" was a sexual psychological thriller where the movie topped the charts with the cost of its image being labeled too sexual by the critics. Similarly, another leading actress Sushma karki said, " I don't want an image of a item girl, I want to
be Bidhya Balan of nepali movie industry."

As most of today's adds, movies and pics features models showing off their skin then the product the definition of SEX sell concept  has adapted the new form of SKIN sells but is its right? Are the so called leading actors willing to hold their image ? Is my QUESTION?

Few years back I wrote an article on Nepal's modelling industry where one of the most reputed model said, " It's very hard to survive but it's your will to draw that line whether you wanna be the types with an image or a more easy way of getting popular.It's your choice its not that the industry is corrupted but its your will. The INDUSTRY is not that corrupted but it's the easy way out of getting popular and getting famous faster than to survival. SURVIVAL is merely an excuse."
MODELLING doesn't mean extensively showing your private parts and attracting men, its about true beauty and how you carry yourself in terms of attitude/colors/presence/ attire/persona.

NOTE: This tip is not in regards to GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHY

DISCLAIMER: The above information is not directed to anyone, its the users personal views and if it matches any description it will just be a coincidence not intentional....

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