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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Women Harassment in public is a question..........

3rd November 2012, Saturdays I saw few girls holding a rally in awareness of fighting against sexual harassment in Tripureshwar. I was happy as well as surprised. Happy because these girls were standing up for their rights and surprised because why isn't the government noticing this. Am I being too negative or loud about the issue? I guess being a man I cannot even imagine the effects of harassment but one can seriously look into consequence and past practice where people have committed suicide.
Right now when we are receiving billions of dollars in the name of Women empowerment and leadership how effective is it for the girls at grassroots level to feel in such a way. Isn't it a joke that we are trying to cater leadership in a society where a girl fails to identify herself.  What empowerment and leadership are we talking about when she can’t even move around freely ?

Someone giving a straight look at her making her feel uncomfortable, or someone trying to touch her but unnecessarily or someone offending her uselessly, what more bad could happen. A girl has to live her life in trauma and limitation of WHAT NEXT? This is not just a story but it is the story of all women and why nothing is being done is my  QUESTION?

The Drinking and drive campaign by traffic police proves that the government can do anything so just like that why can’t they make it instant actions to be taken for women harassment perpetrator. Don’t we have the infrastructure? Or people to deal with the situation? I guess its common sense; even the 100 can be used to report the harassment case and instance actions would reduce such activities. I believe if this thing was enforced women would feel independent and she could travel and move around with ease and that would be an achievement…… 

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