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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Against Terrorism means Against Humanity

The Obama Government is about to attack Syria and we all know its the next Afghanistan. I am not against terrorism but killing people in the name of terrorism is also another level of terrorism...........

US government might seem prepared for the attack but one thing we should know is what is happening in Syria is their internal matter, US posing as a  world power can help Syria resolve the issue by diplomacy but not by infiltrating in with sides. The current position of US in Syrian case is a mere impulsive decision made by the Obama Government in retrospect of US powers. US needs to understand that the title of super power comes with greater responsibility not with the feeling of being GOD.  

With high videos of Syrian government attacking its own civilians with nerve gases and the killings happening is not a context of normal order but to resolve such matters we have United Nation and other alleged forces. The present contest of Syria certainly calls for desperate measures but not for the US but for the concerning power to act against such genocide against humanity. The implication of this might cause drastic impact in the image and security position of the US itself where I think it needs to realize and reorganize.

 The America in its cruised against terrorism is imposing world domination, which can be clearly seen. One cannot take the sovereignty of other country in act of any country's domination in respect of any cause. If that is the case then every country must be given the right to fight for its security issue with its power. There should be no limitation in respect to containing Nuclear weapon and its use.

The US government portraying a broad image might win by the military power but with cyber space they are as vulnerable as anyone. Recently the Syrian Space Army attacking the website of the New York Times has clearly shown the impact of what can be done. In a country where every thing runs by network and infiltrating the network and causing damage is just an ordinary man's capability of just pushing one button. Cyber terrorism and warfare is the next generation of threat that is silent as well as more devastating. The US posing as a super power and contemplating its rivals is yet another example of weak US mentality where massive destruction can be done. As we all know Russia and Iran are already in watch and support of the Syria so any action towards the Syria government can impose threat to the US.

One thing is for sure that US is vulnerable in every possible way and if US is considered attacking other countries than other super powers are also waiting and watching for their turn.

Highlighting this the US government has already declared the month of October as Cyber Awareness month and is further processing its security threats online. .........................

HUMANITY can be restored by dialogues and diplomacy not by GUN Mr US President......


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