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Thursday, May 1, 2014

FNJ is back with its political swing for its election

Once again the social media are in full swing use with the promotional advertisements of election for the candidacy of the executive committee of the Federation of Nepalese Journalist (FNJ). Different social networking sites are bombarded with election materials and information about the affiliation of political parties for the individual candidacy promotional purpose.

The FNJ is the mother organization  of all the journalists all over Nepal but due to its political influences and bad reputation, the FNJ has been labeled a political influenced organization.
Time and again the election of FNJ and its candidates have been questioned with the  association of various political organizations, but with the growing trade unions and political parties playing a major role in the economy, Nepal journalism has been controversially influenced at its core level.

So labelling Nepal's Journalism accuracy on the basis of political influence, Nepal has no standing grounds.

On one hand the direct involvement of the memebrs of FNJ in political organization directly questions the relevancy of the check and counter mechanism in and against the political organization where as on the other, how can a political influenced organization be a federation of all journalists that has no morale and ethics.  

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