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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Needy Vs Greedy

After the earthquake, things are changing in Nepal, from the attitude of the people to the attitude of political leaders everything has changed. With this change moreover things are getting clear from the donor agencies perspective who promised huge donation at times of publicity but in action failed to meet their objective ruling in with conditions.

To the apathy of the public  the so called our government which says there is decentralization in management of disaster  failed to acknowledge it in practice. Changing its version from distribution of galvanized sheets to direct money, it has  been futile in its action and motives.

With better political opportunity most of the leaders are trying to create a new government where at the same there are no leaders who have truly stood up for the victims or their voices.

Everything is clear but my concern is with this earthquake, we are also facing a huge problem of management of resource and mentality of people. By resources I mean we need definite protocols and mechanisms for Disaster Management. It has always been like this in Nepal, as Nepal is listed  in earthquake disaster zone but nothing was done why?

Our leaders cannot escape this by saying it is not their fault, I think its their fault as being a leader it was their responsibility that they didn't initiated the right mechanism  and protocol for disaster management. If it was not their fault then whose responsibility is it ?
The public do not have the right to make policies and mechanisms, we nominated them to do this  work for public welfare. If they cannot do this then there in no point in having them as leaders and giving them so much of state level benefits.

From one after the other our country has been facing risk of natural crisis. If you look at the event occurring  last year Sidhuplachowk flooding to this what have we  done , where are we ?

Even at this point of crisis things do not look good, yesterday I meet a Humanitarian Volunteer who said there is huge lack of management  even in partnering with the International Non Governmental Organization(INGO). The reason is what can the INGOs do the government has made it mandatory  to follow the state level mechanism and when they follow that discrimination and political manipulation rules in.

Even in distribution of relief material to rescue operation things have been hugely affected by it.  
This is a major reason why our rescue and relief operation were not so efficient. I am not blaming the security forces, they did what they were told and in fact they gave their best but at management point of view things could have been managed in a more efficient and effective way.

But looking at the performance of political leaders and government level bureaucrats things are surprisingly disappointing.  

Now talking about the other side, the mentality of people are also changing. I can understand  that the devastating earthquake has traumatized us but with limited resources and easy access to food, health and recognition, things do not look good from their part. In fact it is harvesting an attitude of free living perspective where people are getting lazy and looking up to others for collecting donation and resources. I have heard that people have started accumulating relief materials in stock.

If you look at the Tudikhel camp then you would realize that most of them living there are either people who living in rent or wagers who have been enjoying the benefits. Most of them are taking shelter there to escape the rents and food cost. Why would people even work when they are getting free food and a good living standard when you are getting it for free.

Very few of the people who are earthquake victims are residing there.

At this time of crisis when we ought to fight back together if the people start to enjoy the easy living of crisis things would just be limited.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Loktantra or loot-tantra, choice is yours

From the past nine years, we have been celebrating the Loktantra as a holiday to be added in the long list. But on real grounds it is a  day that marks the death of thousands of innocent people who sacrificed their lives in the name politics and country.

Though many people lost their lives in the name of it but on practical grounds there is much to what we have achieved.  Only few selected groups of people have benefited.

The major achievement of the 2006 democratic movement were
1. Constituent Assembly
2. Secularism
3. Dethronement of kingship
4. Peace process

If you talk about all these  aspect then all of them have failed in majors aspect of performing their objective in terms of public welfare.

The Constituent Assembly has failed time and again  to give the country a new constitution. The 601 Constituent Assembly members have become a burden with their high wages and their shameful acts of corruption  and power politics where time and again they have failed and portrait their image of bad politics and selfish mentality. It has disgraced the political culture of Nepal dooming the future of politics of Nepal.

Apart from that the country has moved towards the path of secularism but on one hand it may seem to have given the unheard voices a new platform but on the other it has discriminated the majority in presences of giving equal rights to the opposing groups. In country which has 80% of a ruling population of hindus how can you certainly find solution in giving voice to 20% by discriminating the 80%. Equality means giving right to all and giving voice to all, it doesn't mean giving voice to the 20% and shadowing the 80%.

Similarly, dethroning the kingship in Nepal might have been an achievement. But it also made  possible for establishment of more than 100 kings who misuse and abuse the power daily in the name security and power.

Now talking about the peace process, it seems the country is moving towards a solution but in reality we are moving backward where due to the long lasting violence people have started to migrate which has resulted in brain drain. In a country where its major work forces is draining outside the country there is very limited scope of development and progress. The peace process of Nepal has stalled the economic and social development of the country in the name of reservation and cooperation. Likewise, still today people are terrorized and their properties have not been returned and people are bound to  live with the terror.    

So the crux is Nepal lacks leadership in terms of politics and vision which has landed the country in this current position of political chaos. For better solution we need strong political leaders who are nationalist than political puppets ................... 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Democracy in Nepal lack adequate political culture that respects voters not tax payers

Democracy in Nepal 

Democracy the true meaning defines, the freedom of the people where the government is ruled by people's choices and sentiments.  But here in Nepal the meaning of democracy has bee redefine and reconstituted. In abide making the system prolong and work the political parties of Nepal have been manipulating the system and public according to their need. From the absolute Monarchy system to the monarchy in constitution to the current republican Nepal has gone through various phase of practicing different regime and perception.

This testing of ideologies  has not only  made the country weak but on the other side the country is in a transitional phase of evolution its identity. The process has hindered the development and living standard but on its counter side the disease of corruption, power manipulation and nepotism has  engulfed the country in a  long history  and shadow of poverty and irregularities.

The main problem that lacks in Nepal is the  political culture where political parties and leaders have failed to realize the concept of Nation First. For them their parties and self motives are their fist priority where the aspiration of the people have no existence. 

The mentality of putting the leaders above the law and no existence of action in reaction to their unjustifiable irrational acts has put a huge question mark in the Political culture of Nepal.

"We need a system that treats a tax payer with respect, we don't need democracy that respect voters "

In Nepal Democarcy Defines loottantra for politicians.............

They have every right to do bandhas, Gundagardi, Politics in education system, corruption, Nepotism, Favoritism etc

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Politics VS Judiciary in Nepal - A question to be answered

With high controversies and allegation for the extension of the Constitution Assembly (CA), the Supreme Court (SC) on Friday issued a verdict saying the term of the CA can be extended for the last time for six more months and further extension of the Constitution Assembly would automatically dissolve the CA in any case scenario. As per the interim constitution 2063 Clause 64, the Constituent Assembly term could only be extended for the last time after analyzing the tasks completed so far, and making exact judgment of the needed time required to accomplish the remaining tasks. In case the CA fails to draft the constitution in the extend term it will be automatically dissolve it. It should either go for a referendum as provisioned in Article 157 or opt for a fresh election as per Article 63 or seek a suitable alternative.

On 27 November, 2011, a total of 506 CA members participated in the voting, and 503 members voted in favor of the CA extension while three members voted against it. With the decision, the parliament has now endorsed the 11th Amendment Bill which was proposed by the government for an extension of the CA term. This is the fourth time that the CA's term has been extended. The CA, which was elected in 2008 with a two-year term, has already been extended three times before.

In defense the speaking in the Special Hour of the House session, UCPN-Maoist leader Amik Sherchan said, “The Supreme Court has gone against the principle of Separation of Power and it has also violated the jurisdiction of the legislative-parliament.”

Dhirendra Bahadur Shrestha a CPN-UML parliament member accused the SC of interfering in the parliament’s rights. He said that the job of the constitution amendment is the right of the Parliament and not the Supreme Court.

The current CA is based on the interim constitution that was revived by the public revolution 2008 under no policy or article allows the Constitution assembly to extend its period again and again baselessly or under any parliamentary rights.

After declaring the Republican the new CA outcaste the monarchy regime in Nepal on May 28 2008, the new CA was formed under the understanding of creating a new constitution and solving the peace process. From then till here to this day the extension and constitution has been a controversial issue raising questions against the credibility of the Lawmakers and their intentions of extending the CA time frame.

According to a report published by MIREST Nepal recently that refers to the expenses made on Peace and Constitution beginning 2007 to 2011 is to the staggering tune of Nrs. 15 Billion. It must have been more than meets the eye. Similarly, expenses made on the Maoists’ People Liberation Army (Monthly salary, food and shelter) are Nrs. 2.44 Billion during the period. Amount spent in reconstruction of physical infrastructure is Nrs. 30 Billion. For Constituent Assembly election and Constitution drafting process Nrs.13.19 billion has been spent.

To run various peace process related projects, Nrs. 8.19 Billion has been siphoned.

UNMIN related expense is Nrs. 13.19 Billion and fund allocated to the Peace Fund at the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction is Nrs. 22.24 Billion.

Details of Expenses (Source: MIREST and CA Secretariat): Head-Expenses on Peace and Constitutional processes (Nrs.)

UNMIN activities: 13.19 Billion
UNDP activities: 1.75 Billion
USAID: 2.72 Billion
Swiss Development Cooperation: 2.72 Billion
European Union: 515 Million
CIDA-Canada: 470 Million
GTZ-Germany: 190 Million
Norway: 400 Million
UNFPN through CIDA: 210 Million
Through NGOs: 514 Million

(Other expenses through support from Germany and Switzerland Debate on Federalism, Constitution drafting, interaction, foreign trips, etc)

Head-Expenses on Constitution Drafting Process (Nrs)
USAID: 2.15 Billion
Switzerland: 2.69 Billion
UNDP: 1.64 Billion
German Government: 196 Million
CIDA: 460 Million
European Union: 515 Million
Korean Government: 408 Million
Norway Government: 408 Million

Head- Salary and Allowance Expenses of CA members Nrs (July 2010 to March 2011)
Salary: 219.8 Million
Allowance: 30.39 Million
Medical and Treatment: 1.54 Million
Water and Electricity: 6.43 Million
Communication: 10 Million
Office Operation: 6.8 Million
Rental: 80.4 Million
Fuel: 5.25 Million
Medicine: 0.23 Million
Travel: 5.46 Million
Total: 400.16 Million

Head-Expenses on CA Chairman/Vice Chairman (July 2010 to March 2011)

Salary: 1.65 Million
Allowance: 0.18 Million
Medical and Treatment: 2 Thousand 2 Hundred
Office Operation: 43 Thousand
Fuel: 0.34 Million
Others: 0.85 Million
Travel: 0.11 Million

Total: 4.1 Million

The question has been raised against the credibility of the lawmakers and lack of political understanding regarding the Constitution of Nepal. The specific issues that were raised are still in table limited in agreements and points where people’s hopes and aspiration seems to have lacked down. The political culture seems to be very limited within the political manifesto of their parties where the political parties have no ethic and moral. The politicians challenging the Judiciary and political manipulation taking its toll in Nepal seems very unhealthy. Politician openly threatening and criticizing the judiciary highlighting their rights undermining their standing of taking the pay and not completing the job is a question to itself. In such scenarios Nepal’s future seems doomed in the prospects of its leaders who lack of Vision, Diplomacy and political understanding. The cheap marketing stunts and popularity seems to outcry its audacity where controversies and allegation are just pointing fingers at each other’s.

Shreedeep Rayamajhi

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