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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Education System in Nepal degrading

You might be surprised to know the education system in Nepal has degraded to a level where it has lost its meaning of standardization. There is not standard or limitation in terms of quality. There is a huge gap of education system that practices a difference of economic status. From a government school that suppose to be free to private schools that charge thousands there is no baseline in terms of quality.
Isn't the education at both institutions supposed to be the same? But that is not the same parent are nagged   to pay more money where private schools have made education a business.

The private schools are demanding large amount of fee ranging from NRS 1000 to NRS 13000 that too for basic schooling  depending upon schools. In addition to that prior admission the parents have to go through a phase of interview where their financial status is well evaluated and they are compelled to committee their support at times of financial need to the schools. Isn't this an exploitation ?

 Similarly in a new start one of the very popular school has been demanding money from the parents in the name of constructing an earthquake escape shelter for children that would prevent any disaster during earthquake.

The total budget is estimate to be 100 million and the parents have been pressured to support 1.2 million in total. Is this a joke the same school charge a tuition fee of NRS 13,000 and still they request the parent to support the school. Insane I must say.

This is lootantra where the private schools are flourishing in the name of knowledge. They have sidelined their ethic and morale……………………….


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