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Saptari Killings was purely Human Rights Violation by the state

Rayznews reported " On March 5th four United Democratic Madhesi Front cadets have been killed in a firing by Police trying to dis...

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

SPARK OF CHANGE- What Next !!!!!!!!!

This Video is dedicated to the SPARK OF CHANGE where it addresses the frustration and aggravation of youths who believe and want to bring CHANGE. As today the new culture of No is tolling its heights, we have money but we have no petrol, no electricity, no security,no constitution, no water etc. what so ever and still we are the onces who have to keep silent our VOICE, thats done..........

Our government and leaders are completely careless about their responsibilities where they need to be awaken and informed that people are watching. We have taken them into power that means we the people have the power to take them down. The most important thing is awareness when people talk about the issues that's when it gets noticed and then the spark of change can be ignited. Change comes slowly and steadily. It's not an ice-cream that tastes better or you have to finish it fast, Change is something thats very slow, silent, simple, rigid, and protagonist

It's Shreedeep Rayamajhi Presentation

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