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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Reckless Driving a sad, but bitter truth in Nepal : REALITY BITES!!

Killing people in the name of reckless driving is wrong. Driving recklessly in the name of age and Adrenaline is also wrong. Nepal government failing to address the issue of responsible driving in its driving curriculum is also wrong. So where are we lacking?  Every day or the other we hear about people getting killed or we face people driving recklessly. Things are getting worst and I think it's happening because the government is not paying attention to the root cause of the problem that is nobody cares about being responsible while driving all they know is once the accelerator is on, it's ON. Once you get into your vehicle, then you are the king of the road and you will drive as per your wish which is completely wrong.

My question is reckless driving is not just a mistake, it's a criminal offense as it might be a small mistake for you, but for someone who faces the consequence due to your negligence, he or she might have to pay a big price.    

If you look at the trend, then, especially in abroad first they ask you to get responsible and learn the theoretical aspect of how to drive responsibly only after that they issue the learner's permit. If you compare the situation, then it's just opposite here in Nepal. Here you just have to appear for two  examinations. One theoretical and the other practical where if you can, you can also manage to fluke the theoretical examination just by your IQ.

Getting back to the topic the latest tragic incident of Manju Mahat that occurred at Golkopaka was an incident where she lost her life. Whoever's mistake was it, but a person lost her life. It was reported that she was squashed in between two public vehicles that was driving down. She died, but her death has raised serious questions regarding issues of responsible driving in Nepal.

Reality is that particular section of the road is always monitored by Nepal Traffic police personnels, so in the presence of such resources  how did that accident occurred which can be a serious issue of discussion. If such accidents are happening in such places, then its high time, we seriously have to look into our driving manual and traffic system as it truly needs some upgrading and research.            

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