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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ganatantra Diwas 2070 / Republican day Nepal May 29 2014

Nepal was added as the latest edition in the Federal Republican list. For most of the citizens they barely know what a republican day stands for, in-fact most of the people celebrate this day as a national holiday to dose off from their daily work and pressure.   

But on real grounds Nepal being declared a Federal Republic has no meaning to its existence. We neither practice the meaning nor do we have the legal rights. In any democratic system, people are considered the optimal power point, but here in Nepal the practice has been opposite.

People have been said to be the focusing point, but they have not been given the power. Their power have been taken away by their so called political leaders. These political leaders in absence of a political culture are practicing nepotism, corruption, manipulation, favoritism, criminalization etc. in the name of politics and public. The real meaning of federalism or republican means giving public the ultimate power to rights and justice of rule of law.

Looking back at present situation it has already been 6 years, since Nepal started its journey towards a new system, but still after six long years and billions of rupees being invested. We have not even been able to get our constitution. The constitution making process proves to be a joke that ridiculously appears as a cartoon or a discussion of illogical ideas with no ending  that has no meaning?

What’s the use when we elect and send these political leaders to make constitution and they are not even capable of making one?           

The country where the people or public have no voice and where the political leaders are the superior power there is #nodemocracy . It is just a formality of so called hypocrisy.....
In real democracy people have absolute power or mandate to choose and not being imposed......... 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nepal in way of making a republican nation

Five years back, we dethroned monarchy system in Nepal with the aspirations of creating a better Nepal, but still after facing years of trial and error method, the country has not been able to evolved from the treacherous influence of communism. 16,000 people lost their lives which have proven to be worthless, and there is no  rule of law. For what did we  faced the struggle is my question.

We removed one king and today we have thousand kings who live among their  people ruling and terrorizing the public with their criminal approaches and strategies. 

What more can you expect and find within a country that survived civil war and trying to make its way through development. The struggle of the past decade has pulled the country backward in every aspect of its management and operation, where we have become slaves of foreign donation and aid. Nepal's development efforts have just been limited towards utilizing the foreign aid. We have emptied our homes community and towns sending our brothers and sisters to foreign countries in view of earning money.

What can we do? There is no security for normal public, the rates of women violence has gone up, crime rates have gone up and criminals in association of politicians are legalizing their status what more worst can you expect. You acquire a degree and there are no jobs, the government policies weak in every aspect of providing employment opportunity. 

There is a saying that says, “If you put cold water in between hot water then gradually the cold water changes into hot.” I have always tried to relate this scenario with our country which hold its image among the giant super power India and China. But reluctantly I know the reality that Nepal cannot develop with such political leaders and political culture that professes the ideology of party politics, corruption, nepotism etc.  

Even at government administration level the situation has worsen so much that the governance or leadership of the government has been handed over to the bureaucracy which is leading the country nowhere. How is it possible in a democratic country that reflects the image of Republican have a prime minister with no consensus? It’s like the jungle rule that influences the government with money, power and corruption.The difference in between the haves and haves not is increasing more, the country faces huge economic crisis in coming days.  

Reality of today, Nepal was made Republican in retrospective of the political aspirations that influenced the strategy of divide and rule. Nepal being a republican makes a clear platform for the foreign power players to play their games, it is just their strategy that challenges the sovereignty where Nepal faces great hindrance in its future.

In a country where the GDP rate that is blow poverty line and which has been marked as a under developed country, how can the nation survive with futile policies and leadership. We need education, health, resources and infrastructures not states and province. How can this debate be ended that its not about the governance or ruling its about the facilitation and how its can be managed? 

If only our so called political leaders would understand and make it work Nepal could be somewhere else than this.

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