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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Talk of Ktown: I am a tax payer and I need my security

Kathmandu city is stunned with Akshya Kumar. The so called press is following him everywhere, making him a hero in the front page of newspapers to social media’s Newsfeed, he is everywhere. Going through the pictures, I noticed something that really surprised me. In one of the pictures he is walking around with plenty of police personnel as security.    What the hell?

In this country, I am a legal public tax payer and pay my taxes on time with 5 digit figures every year and I don’t get any security and bloody a foreigner who is not even a taxpayer gets dozen of security personnel.

 What kind of policy is this?

If I go to a police station and launch a complain then they will not even register it, they will first ask to investigate and only after that looking at the severity they will decide whether to launch FIR or not. Whereas in normal practice once a person goes to a police station, it is the first duty of the police personnel to launch and register the complain but in Nepal that’s not the case. I think this is the reason why Nepal police has a high crime resolving rate because they fail to register or address most of the cases that comes to them either they suppress it or ignore it.

You need status and authority, even for registering a case. If it’s a so call hi-fi VIP then it will be done by instance, but for the local normal public they would have to WAIT…………………
We need to change this in the system. It has to change, police is there for the public not to discriminate, we have to make people understand that tax payers  need the respect that they deserve and the top on the list are the civil servant who ignore and neglect the tax payers. They have to know this, that taxpayers are their high priority  and they have to be  abide by the law.

Just think how sad this is
"There is no rights to justice when you are vulnerable, you have to strive and that is what is wrong"  

STOP BEING VULNERABLE....................... 

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