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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Social Media and its hard reality

You might be amazed how people are getting more addicted towards using social media and integrating their personnel life. Reality is people are using it for updating every little thing that is happening in their life. From facebook to twitter to linkedin to instagram to pin interest, people are simply getting use to the ways of social media on their lives. So don’t be amazed when you get to hear people got divorce over an issue online or someone got fired over a simple personal update over a company. Yes it has happened and it’s happening all over the world. People are so use to social media that they often express, show their personal feeling and are dam loyal about updating their true feelings and sentiments.  On one hand they are being vulnerable whereas on the other they cannot help it as they as cluster phobic to hiding their feelings.

This has certainly made social media a crisis situation where a normal person should know its limitation and use.

To make it more personal and effective one should follow these points
1.       Stop using professional social media during your professional time
2.       Start using privacy setting
3.       Control your  web visibility and control you vulnerability
4.       Stay safe by optimizing your personal information

Social media can certainly help but it can also invite or put you in an awkward situation which needs to be understood .

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