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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Shambhu Thapa- its all legal for me

The Supreme Court has ordered the  Department of Revenue Investigation (DRI) on Tuesday to returned the documents and other equipments, which were seized from senior advocate Shambhu Thapa’s law firm, to the Supreme Court (SC).

DRI officials returned the documents and other equipment's to the apex court as per the court Sunday’s order.The SC on Sunday had ordered the DRI not to proceed with the investigation into suspected tax evasion by the law firm of Thapa. 

In this case the SC is getting biased and is getting influenced. We all know who Shumbhu Thapa is and why is being held.  If the SC believe that just by showing or under favoritism could rule in Shambu thapa than it’s, the worst practice ever. Shambhu has committed an error not by filing proper taxes, so he should be treated accordingly. The documents and property seized are the perfect example of how and what a normal citizen has to go through when they don’t file taxes properly then why have a certain level of biasness towards him.

Just because he is a top lawyer of Nepal does not gives him the right to escape taxes. Apart from that he is a professional so he should have been transparency and a level of legality with this organization which he fails to show.   
We should all give a round of applaud for  the SC in its intervention of saving Shambhu Thapa’s fundamental right when thousand of Nepali face the same. Shambhu Thapa has  not submitted the financial reports and as per the DRI which he should have  done, so he facing the problem I think the DRI’s action is a milestone in setting and triggering all the big shot businessman and entrepreneurs who have been tax evading.

Who the freaking hell is he that he should be given the priority and why is the SC is being biased. The SC with such reaction is showing the way the supreme body works.

Even the president of Nepal intervening in this matter is a concern of all about how the network of favoritism work. Mr president please confirm your information and consult your counselor before having a public support or statement.  

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