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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

You have to stand for your rights. Just now in Thamel there was a big traffic jam created by the Nepal Traffic Police as they were trying to give way for a private tourist bus ignoring the traffic congestion.

Just becoz the bus belonged to a reputed organization doesn't give it the right to do anything in the middle of the road. The tourist bus was a priority so the whole traffic was blocked and nobody was saying nothing.  

I parked my bike on the road and questioned them why they were doing so the traffic police threatened me of confiscating my license and then i shouted this is wrong and 5 other people came and they said sorry...........

I believe public servants are there to look after the public, they are not private workers. Pubic should be their first priority and then the rest. Once they realize this and give priority to the public only then they will get respect.......

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nepal Traffic Police Sucks ………………….

I left my house at 9:00 from Paknajol for my office in kalanki within second I reached the Bisnumati Bridge, before that I saw few traffic police checking the blue book and license. It’s very rare that they check all the people passing by but I rarely encounter them as they target the young and naïve riders. Just few minutes away in the bridge the traffic was halted and within seconds it was crowded. Reason a big water tanker in the mouth of the bridge could not pass as the traffic from other side was just pouring in. Due to this the other side was completely halted. Seeing this also the traffic police who were there few minutes away checking the blue book and license turned a blind eye. The line grew like anything where the one side traffic was pounding and the other side was completely halted. The situation was so worst that people started shouting at each other. Then an Armed police force security car came in and started to look into the matter but like said they are not the expert, they also tried their best.  We few of the guys got out of our bikes and started to give way for the traffic and the flow were set back to normal. Whose fault is it?  I was bound to think, what is the priority?  To check the blue book and license or to relieve the traffic. The priority is what calls for emergency measures but the traffic police of Nepal fails to realize this they are bound to follow their order. If the PM was coming probably they would clear the road making the public halt but when it comes to the normal public they just know one thing how to give trouble and problem as who are we?

Everyday it’s the same story and every day people are bound to suffer and the department pays a blind eye. Is it the fault of the tax payers who pay taxes and don’t say anything or is it the problems of the civil servant who fail to realize the responsibility toward the public.  
Date: July 18, 2012
Location: Bisnumati Bridge
Time: 9:15 AM

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