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Monday, April 4, 2016

Nepal Government is raising money for rebuilding the national heritage and Iconic landmark

It is really sad to see how the Nepal Government is raising money for rebuilding the national heritage and Iconic  landmark. It has launched a public campaign My Dharara for crowd fundraising and established a bank account.

As the April 25 earthquake certainly shook us in terms of awareness and preparedness of conflict and disaster management. The Nepal Government proves to be ridiculous silly in raising money as there has been so much of funding and donation received in terms of Reconstruction. Till now from various donor and foreign aid agencies have promised to contribute around 6.7 billion USD for the reconstruction process where many of the donor have kept their silence due to lack of transparency and accountability  issue.    

Personally I feel sad that Nepal government is doing this public stunt for proving its credibility.   

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Social media adapting political parties in Nepal

It is quite amazing how politicians of Nepal are using social media for various purpose. Leaders are setting up their Facebook fan page, political parties are creating their groups and pages which is very very interesting.
Although only 12% of the country's population has direct access to internet, it is estimated that around  3,411,948 internet users are online everyday in Nepal. With such limited number and limited service the popularity of social media and its use has increased exponentially.

Even during the 13th National General Convention of the Nepali congress a huge efforts were seen in promoting their candidates. The supporters were genuinely doing an effort in creating a buzz for getting votes promoting their political manifesto and agendas for future.

The use of social media has increased phenomenally during the last few years where once the social media was accused of being a worthless tool of blaming and accusing the politicians. If you look at the trend these days Nepali political leaders are more twitting and facebooking of expressing their voice and reaching the public.

Nepal's political culture is yet to change but with the shift of social media politicians of Nepal are more aware of current issues and public voice which is clearly visible.  

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Nepal's Toursim after Post Earthquake

‪#‎NepalToursim‬ and ‪#‎CulturalHeritage‬ indeed has prospects in Nepal, After the devastating earthquake there is more prospect of finding better solution to Nepal's Tourism than prolonging the issue where the relevant departments and ministry seems to be silent in doing any effort. Reality is Nepal's Tourism  Leadership saw a shift which should have been an eye opener to work towards better future but still after the new appoint things do look the same.

Its the same old system and same old people they lack leadership and vision about what to do?
when to do and how to do it ?

Nobody has to tell us about what we need to do at this time of crisis but the thing is are we doing it ?

Tourism is a service industry that works with better coordination of public private sectors, its the only sector that has less investment and high revenue generation capacity increasing the optimization of resources.
After earthquake there has not been any progress in terms of strengthening the tourism  industry in any ways. For your update a project Name NepalNow was being launched by a private initiation where NTB is still trying to engage with it. Most of the content in the project focuses more about promoting Nepal after the earthquake.  we need more projects like these where NTB has to take a lead, its not that we do not have resources but there seems to be a huge gap of WHAT...

It was for earthquake and it is over now let's think about re-branding the tourism industry with better marketing strategy, social media strategy and product positioning. Nobody seems to be interested, i guess its the way how it works here  

Everyone is pointing the other way trying to look for solution within others, it seems nobody wants to work for the industry or do their jobs properly.
but in absence of proper infrastructure and ‪#‎management‬ , things are in a ‪#‎denial‬. At this times of ‪#‎crisis‬ , I think we ought to do a reality check, for what is happening and what we need...
So what does it takes to improve the industry?        

  1. Who is going to take care of the Airport TIA in terms of customer support, cleanlyness, services available, transporatation, security etc
  2. Similarly, what about the restaurant and hotels, the prices are very high these days ?
  3. Tourist Security is indeed yet another problem. There has been rise in minor cases of fraud and other iregualrities after the ‪#‎nepalquake
  4. Regarding ‪#‎trekking‬ TIMS needs to be upgraded with better tracking technology. ‪#‎Transperancy‬ and clarity highly recommended 
  5. Visibility of ‪#‎volunteers‬ and their operations need to be segregated. There is a very high number of volunteers who visit Nepal just for ‪#‎volunteering‬ . They need to be acknowledge & verified
  6. Proper system of information desk required at major tourist arrival spots 
  7. Location mapping and signs at major tourist spots needed
  8. Promotional and information materials availability is lacked 
  9. Development of Informational system that guides and helps a tourist is needed 
  10. Easy communication channels need to be set up for tourists (FM/Radio/TV/social media)
  11. Promotion of International and adventure sport with high efficiency and effectiveness

I think it's high time we ought to think about preparing for future and start working for tomorrow.
We cannot sell and beg with earthquake always
We have to start from somewhere, it's better we start today

Monday, January 11, 2016

King Prithivi Deserves recognition to his contribution

In the past, Poush 27 was celebrated as the National Unity Day in Nepal , But in view of the past revolution, people have forgotten the importance and contribution of King Prithivi Narayan Shah.

Nepal to be a sovereign country came through a great process of unification and diplomacy where the role and leadership of King Prithivi cannot be forgotten. It was his vision and leadership that aspired the unification and brought this scattered nation into one nation Nepal. His contribution cannot be forgotten where he holds the pride and passion of a true leader.

Today in the modern Nepal the political leaders have adapted the  negative aspect and have created a wrong system where corruption favoritism, nepotism etc are rising.

On one hand people have been suffering and on the other political leaders are manipulating the situation to further create a situation of chaos and instability where they can politicize the situation.

The leaders have forgotten those value of  nationalism and are more motivated to do selfish party politics.

Their main agenda is divide and rule, to prove this logic one can clearly see how they have created differences among the public in the name of religion and rights. They are targeting the vulnerable groups in giving them boost to their aggravation in suppressing their true right and empowering the wrong people to power.  

The current need of time is
1. Right to Education
2. Right to Food
3. Right to Health
4. Right to Human Rights
5. Rights to Security

If you look at current practice then you will see how uneducated people are being empowered in the name of  politics. A knife is a powerful tool which can be used in and against as per the conscience.

Its high time we realize where our society and political culture is going.  


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

President donates her first salary to Pashupatinath: Is she insane ?

Right now when the country is facing a crisis situation of people dying in various parts of Nepal due to lack of warm cloths and blankets. The president of Nepal, Bidhya Devi Bhandari donated her first salary to Pashupatinath Fund. It was her personal money and there is no definition to what is right or wrong in terms of its use but morally it sound pretty not convincing about her donating the money just for the sake of doing a pooja.

In every aspect when the Nepal government is not able to perform about managing the construction process, the president's action surely reflects the lack of concern towards the general public.

It is really sad when at times of need people who have powers turn a blind eye towards issues of concern, everyday there are deaths reported due to cold in the earthquake hit regions and our president is donating her money not for buying blankets but for doing pooja in pashupatinath.

Sad reality but it certainly show how Nepali political culture believes in showcasing than in putting actions. what could be More valuable and divine than to donate blankets for the shivering people in the cold or doing pooja at pashupatinath. May be its her choice and her money but there could be a  reasonable answer to it.

She is the first Feminist communist president of  the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal which practices a secularism and she has been hugely criticized for this act  in social media by the public.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Anti Indian Feeling and the manipulation

Nepal needs a new revolution of identity and redefine the meaning of nationalism.  In today's situation the political leaders are manipulating the "Anti Indian" feeling where they are using it as per their needs. Nobody cares about the public about how and what is happening but the leaders are busy in making the so called we will not back down attitude. I am sorry but Mr Prime Minister why would you fucking care?
As you  have everything that you need, its the public who are suffering and it's us who survived Dashain and Tihar without petrol and now when the scarcity has crossed it's limits, we are facing the Black market. Reality of today is you do not get petroleum products in legal way but with black marketing its available 24/7. The petrol which costs around 105 is now not available in the same price but if you are willing to pay Nrs 500 then its easily available, what kind of system is this ?

If you talk about legality then I do not see legality anywhere as every where I go things are priced high, the government for the sake of showing its presence has announced illegal to black marketing but it's happening every where.


As shown in TV where most of the political leaders were busy in celebrating the Dashain in parties people were busy in lines queuing up for gas, petrol and kerosene. SAD SAD that the public have to suffer every time and you so called leaders are enjoying the benefits of being in your power and position. I guess till the time public understands that a leader is not just a position of power but a responsibility of making things work things won't change.    

May be I am  being too emotional about the issue, but yes I understand the role and values of leadership and its operation. Our society has been very single dimensional about the definition of patriotism and sovereignty.  It's just one way that has been passed on to us with our so called history.  It's said the world belongs to the people who write the history. When I say those lines then I really mean it. I come from a middle class family and was raised with the current so called nationalist mentality. When I say the nationalist mentality then I mean the ideology of portraying the attitude of   not giving up, nation first and fighting attitude. Reality is whatever our history was but we were brought up with the whole ideology of an anti Indian attitude that always forced us to be a sovereign country against them. It was implanted in our minds as now when the country is going through a blockade I realize  the pressure of the rigidity of that attitude.

The present KP Oli government has been taking a stand against the Indian Invisible blockade with a nationalist ideology. NO Mr Prime minister it fucking matters when there is no medical supplies and people are dying and we are standing with the so called nationalist ideology.
For me people matters than your words and past values of nationalism . I do not understand this rigidity for what are we trying to prove as even when we are trying to be independent we watch the Indian channels, we use Indian products and most of the things we do are related to India. And for what are we fighting ?

We are just the puppets where the political leaders fail to keep their promises and we pay with our ideologies of nationalism. It is your job Mr Prime Minister to manage the situation if the public have to react and take a stand then why are your getting a hefty salary for?

 I can stand and feel you only if Mr KP OLI is not using Indian fuel and he himself is walking in the streets  and taking no salary from the national treasury. Only then i will stand with you and fight the battle to the death but if you are just procrastinating the nationalist ideology to cash your popularity at the stake of public outcry you are certainly no worth to be called a Nepali.

 When that is not happening then why should I do it. You think we are fools that we would just follow you with your so called ideology NO.

Right now we need Diplomacy and need to see and feel the words of the great king Prithivi, "Nepal is a sweet potato in between the stones"
I guess its time for our evolution and identity

Friday, November 27, 2015

School Children form a Human Chain in protest to school closure

With frustration and sad faces the school students formed a human chain in and around the valley.
Around 7 million school children have been directly affected by the Madhesi agitation. On Friday the school children took it to the streets making a human chain marking the frustration against the cruel politics of Nepal that is taking it's toll on their right to education. Yes, the children marched to the streets and poured their outcry in making a voice for their educational rights. Due to the Madhesi blockade the country is suffering from huge crisis of petroleum product. As the nation is a land-lock country and India is helping the Madhesi group the situation is worsening day by day creating a situation of scarcity and chaos.

On one hand the school are closing down due lack of shortage of operational materials and on the other hand due to fuel shortage transportation are very proving to be stressing. Around 40% of the traffic has been directly affected where transportation is a major hurdle.  

Prakash Sami, A student said, " We do not care about what politics is or what is happening? We just want things to be normalized and things are not getting normal. One after the other, days are passing by and the scarcity are taking its toll. In my house mummy has shift her kitchen from inside the house to outside. Previously, we use to cook food in gas but  now we do that in woods. How can this be good as burning woods is bad for environment and so many people doing will completely wipe out our forests. I just want to know what is our government is doing ?"

Pramod cheetri, another human chain participant said, " we want our rights every other week the school closes down, next months our examinations are due and we have our courses due. It's a sad situation why and for what people are fighting for? I do not understand the politics but by the way people are talking, it sound pretty intense. I do not want to be part of this the only thing i want is i just want to study ."

No matter what the reasons are but making the whole country suffer just for the sake of a community or group of people is not justifiable. The government is silent as its doesn't want to bear the responsibility in terms of consequences but keep silent and doing nothing wont solve the situation. Things are not moving and when things do not move then everything halts and that's not a good sign. we have to find the solution to the problem hiding the problems is not the solution it's the sign of denial. our government is just doing that doing nothing, at this time of crisis concrete action are required with specific responsibility and vision.



Friday, October 30, 2015

The Nepal Government is silent about reconstruction

It has been nearly 6 months after the 7.9 earthquake and the second stage of reconstruction has not yet started. Though there has been phenomenal achievement in terms of Constitution and Nepal has successfully appointed the first woman president but relatively nobody seems to be talking about the earthquake reconstruction and other aspect of adaptation process .

It seems pretty not convincing that  the government is more focused towards the Madhesi agitation where there has been no progress made. People are still facing the shortage of petroleum products and the rural area still wait desperately in terms of resources and reconstruction of infrastructure.  I think the major challenges  are

1. The priority of government has changed after the dissolution of previous government
2. The political process is more busy in creating their own existence and finding new opportunities for themselves
3. The Bureaucracy of Nepal is not efficient and effective
4. The earthquake was a process of getting the funds and now when the funds have come then interests have shifted 

5. The public is busy in deal with the shortages nobody has time to rethink about what needs to be done
6. Political culture of Nepal is not morally and ethic based
7. Power and manipulation rules politics of Nepal

8. There is a no capable leadership
9. Nepal is a failed state in terms of politics leadership and decision

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Where are the Pro Madesi Activist ?

After the KP Oli was declared the 38th Prime Minister of Nepal the so called "Pro Madesh Movement" has lost its will and zeal. With the direct notation of creating a blockade and forcing the government to agree on their points the Madhesi Alliance till few weeks back was not in the mood to listen to the Nepal government. Out of the blues the radical protesters who were demanding rights and identity for their community have subsided in vial attempt. When they started the protest they were against the Constitution and currently now they are directly supporting and participating in the government. This may seem very unnatural and morally challenging for outsiders but for Nepal's political culture, it’s not new and has been an essential factor of Nepal's politics.

So who to blame and what to expect is the main question?

This gives the notion that after the constitution was made the Madhesi leaders were scared that they would be limited to their state level politics so they plotted the so called pro movement and now when their representative have landed safely in the government they have completely stopped. 

The way politics is being done in this country in the name of identity, indigenous groups and deprived community is something that is really amazing. It is said discrimination itself is discriminating so people who do politics in the name of discrimination, themselves want to practice it. Reality is when the  practice stops then their politics would also stop. The current terminology like reservation, quota and other opportunity proves to a wide example of political tool that is being plotted in the name of people. 

These leaders should lobby the policies and strategies of equality and basics rights to every individual. But do they?
A big no they always push their issues in the name of indigenous and deprived community where the real people fail to even address the issues and all these political leaders and their alias eat up the opportunities.   
In the same view the alliance parties have come upfront to join the government in understanding with 8 points alliance with KP Sharma Oil and his party. Bijaya Kumar Gachhadar one of the lead faces of the pro Madesh movement has step up to forget the voices of people in adjusting with the government.

Past holds the truth and future further searches answer for what needs to be done ?

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Nepal Oil Corporation Call for tender on importing petroleum products

Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has officially called for  tender of  petroleum products and LP Gas on Thursday. The corporation has given a deadline of three days to fill in the tender. Due to the invisible blockade of India Nepal and its import of petroleum product has been severely hit.
The decision came in action after the cabinet  took the decision of calling internationally bidding for the petroleum product with regards to the demand.

The NOC has called the tender to import 200 kilolitre each of aviation fuel, diesel and kerosene, 100 kilolitre of petrol and 100 metric ton of LP gas.

(1 kilolitre= 1000 litre)

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