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Friday, June 15, 2012

Ethnic Based Federalism and why ......

People are again back in streets shouting slogans of ethnic based federalism. Perhaps, it has just been weeks in scenario of the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly that was nominated by the people and within weeks political puppets are on streets demanding need of ethnic based federalism. To understand the need of federalism we have to understand the cultural and social state of the country. This country was unified by late king Prithivi Narayan Shaha who by his visionary leadership and strategies created NEPAL and it is his contribution that we have this country. Thousands of Nepalis have contributed their blood and sweat to hold its unity where today it’s on the verge of loosing its identity. Ethnic Federalism for who and why is my question to all. Don't we have enough right to earn our lives, dont we have rigths to speak in our own language, don't we have rights to do what we want, then why.....
Understanding the relativity, the so called vested interest of the invisible forces have been pre

ssuring the government and the so called leaders with regards of making their selfish motive

of power and bureaucracy have jeopardize the situation.

Before shouting slogans of ethnic based federalism first we have to understand its meanings, after that we have understand the pros and cons of its adaptation. Some of the experts have also argued that pros and cons of ethnic based federalism is not a testing phase for anyone, it’s about the lives and future of millions of Nepalese which needs to be understood. Likewise, on the other side there are more loses than wining situation as our practice would be limited in giving rights to a few of the cultural groups discriminating other, its just the matter of practicing racialism.

As such there will be greater chance of conflict and confusion which can result in unavoidable sitation and action like cultural cleansing and mass killing, communal difference etc.

How can we demand equality in the name of divide? It’s just the matter of time and understanding and making it right rather than complaining and dividing the country into fractions. Political leaders are happy because they will have more seats and options to play their dirty games but on the lighter side its on the public who have to face the burden from administrative to operation cost. Moreover there are issues of resource sharing and scarcity of infrastructure so to say the individual province will be stronger within its self will be a completely wrong statement.

My question to all leaders are what are you people thinking enough is enough its high time to think about the country than to individual party and difference.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Miss Nepal 2012-A night to Remember

Shristi Shrestha was crowned the Miss Nepal 2012, with Nagma Shrestha as the 1 runner up and Subekshya Khadka as the second runner up. In this bid of beauty and intelligence of celebrating womanhood, 17 participants had participated the contest who were selected in rounds of rigorous process from all over Nepal.

This is the 18th edition of its practice where the winners represent Nepal in prestigious Miss World, Miss Universe and Miss Earth respectively. From the location to the malfunctioning of the mic, Miss Nepal was a program that seemed unmanaged and un-scrutinized. With such reputation the host had to face numerous problems due to mic malfunctioning which was very disheartening. Likes such, the stage and the apparatus were not arranged and aligned properly blocking the view.

Getting back to the program the performances were also underrated, The step-up Dance group’s performance was a teaser to the leave of bad performance where the women’s performance was reluctantly good than the men’s. The choreography was weak and the dancers slipped there moves. Looking at the name and fame of the pageant the level of competency shown by the dance group was not effective. Then, came the trio Ramond shrestha, Vineet shrestha and a woman singer for performance Ramond shrestha, Vineet shrestha and a woman singer. The malfunctioning of the mic hindered their performance and god knows what they did and what they wanted to do?

Miss Nepal certainly needs a professional touch to its existence where lack of effective monitoring and management resulted in its ineffectiveness. The organizers should further move ahead with a good spirit in making it the best as it represents the best of what we have to offer.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Weeks and still the maintenance work awaits time

In Kathmandu metropolitan city’s main heart Traffic life line Putalisadak, the road has been leaking with sewage and waste water 24/7 from past 1 month and things seems to halt with slow maintenance and bad management by Kathmandu Metropolitan Corporation (KMC).

The walk way is totally obstructed with dug up mud and sewage water flowing in the road makes it hard for the pedestrian and people passing by. Every day passing by, it stinks and unnecessarily drivers speeding up their vehicle splashing dirty water to the road side people or bike riders is the audacity of outcry. The KMC has been trying to work in expanding the sewage capacity there but at the cost of public suffering is wrong.

The laxity shown by the KMC is completely ignorant towards the tax payers. Reality of today when it come to spending and showing their image they come up with big campaigns like clean up Kathmandu and something like this that directly effects public health and hygiene they are silent and ignorant about the issue. May be we need to make our Prime minister walk through the road and only then things will change.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

USA's Hippocratic attitude towards its allies

Soon after India tested the Agni 5 Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, the USA showed its solidarity towards the Indian government with the message of success. The solidarity came in action in contrast to the USA's weak and bad relationship with CHINA. How practical is it to use counter measure strategy in empowering your enemies enemy in making them powerful, highlighting the check and balance system.  With India being capable of such weapon of mass destruction /nuclear power the whole Asia is at risk of domination and manipulation. I’m not being bias towards India but my rage is at the attitude of the US hypocrisy that supports and risks the world in view of its ego. Like such I’m not supporting China too, I strongly oppose China being in the league but the policy of the US in counter measure strategy  of  CHINA making INDIA stronger with weapons of mass destruction is what I completely disagree.
Recently in the Nuclear summit in South Korea, The USA condemned north Korea‘s missile testing program then how relevant is it for the same country to support India for its successful testing and supporting it technically. US diplomatic relationship and policies have always been strategically bias and irk toward its allies and enemies but what about the future. In this run of nuclear power aren’t we creating monster in bid to our personal weakness and egos. India being nuclear rich is not a question of right or wrong but the world being threatened of a nuclear war is?
The US in its desperate attempt of countering china is support India giving it technological advantage which is wrong. No matter who develops the weapon the threat is for the world to bear and why is that just by securing themselves they feel they have done their part.
The Agni 5 is 50-tonne, 17.5-metre-high intercontinental ballistic

Monday, March 19, 2012

Nepal Police's Negligence result Suicide of a Woman

Kathmandu 19 March 2012: Bhawani Tamang a 42 year old woman, who was accused of fraud charges was found dead on Sunday afternoon here at the custody of Metropolitan Police Circle, Kalimati.
Tamang who resides from Thakre Dhading currently living in Kuleshwor was survived by four children. She was found hanging in a mysterious way on the ventilation hanger of the toilet of Kalimati Police station. The Kathmandu District Court had remanded her to seven days in custody on fraud charge.

Tamang was charged for fraud of
NRS 21.5 million and 60 tola gold. There are round 40 cases launched in the Kalimati police station against her. On march 4th 2012, she went missing , Police started searching her where her husband Chandra Bahadur launched her missing status. With high pressure from the debtors on March 14, 2012 she was handed over to the police.

According to the Nepal Police, “Tamang was taken in custody for fraud charges as she failed to pay her debt and went missing and stayed out of contact. The police intervened as we received 40 applications against her and we brought her in for investigation. The complainants said they were cheated of around Rs 21.5 million and 60 tola gold. ”

It has been reported that during investigation and arrest of Tamang, they had confiscated a suicide note where she describes her situation and pressure.

The laxity shown by Nepal Police highlights, lack of compassion and ignorance towards the people under investigation. The death of Tamang is mere a scenario of police carelessness and ignorance due to which a weak mental status or mentally sick woman has lost her life.

Now it’s a right time to question who to balm and what measures should be taken inconsideration for such cases not to repeat in safeguarding the right and vulnerability of accused and people under investigation.

Shreedeep Rayamajhi

Monday, February 27, 2012

Bomb Explosion Kills 3 in Nepal

Kathmandu, Feb 27: A bomb explosion has killed 3 people and left many injured at the head office of Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) Babarmahal . The explosion happened in the midday afternoon during which there was a high number of commutation of people around the area. The deceased included a woman, and a child who died on the spot and a victim who died on the table of Bir hospital. Among others injured included Som Bahadur Tamang, Raghunath Khadka, Bishnu Prasad, Rana Bahadur Tamang, Man Bahadur Kunwar, who are being treated at Bir Hospital. They were rushed to Bir Hospital for treatment after the ordeal. Security has been tightened in and around the area. According to sources Samyukta Jatiya Morcha, an armed outfit, has claimed the responsibility for the blast which is reasoned against the current Petroleum crisis and price hike.

Ramesh yadav, an eye witness said, “It happened in seconds, I was on the opposite side and within a blink of an eye things were out of control. I heard a loud sound and suddenly say people shouting when I approached the scene, it was bloody. It was inhuman to do something like that no matter what?”

The explosion took place near Singh Durbar the administrative secretariat of the government. Nepal is again being victimized of terror and corruption in the name of politics where what next is the only option that the people have.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Musical concert dedicated to raise awareness against power cut in Nepal

Kathmandu Nepal: Kathmanduties rocked for a cause, with the theme of “Get out of Facebook on to the ground” People throng in for a cause of NO ELECTRICITY. It is high time since the past 5 years that people have been suffering high level of power cuts from 18 to 20 hrs every day. The government has been silent about the issue which stands live example of high corruption and carelessness shown toward

s public policy in Nepal. Nepal stands as the second largest country in white waters but still due to bad political situation and high corruption things have been worsening. People are directly affected in their daily lives and business where there is no option or alternative. “We can’t work, we ca

n’t sit ideally, I don’t know what the government is thinking or doing? Using generator and other alternatives is too expensive, the government has to come up with a solution. I really don’t know what they are doing?” Kamran Shrestha a young Entrepreneur voiced.

“If you look at the records then most of the streams and rivers have been booked for hydro power. The so called investors, they take the license and

wait for years paying a nominal amount of taxes to the government and the government in the name of lack of management waits and watches. What a worst situation” said Nirupam Dhoj Karki an activist

According to the organizer, “It is a simple effort to raise awareness regarding the current situation we have been silent from past 5 years, what did they do? It is high time that the public ask few questions and we are doing that as we have the rights?”

Different popular band like Abhaya and the Steam injuns, Tripitak, Anuprastha, Albatross band also performed in raising awareness.

With the high time and high rates of power cut, few of the facebook activists and rock stars came in action to raise the issue of power shortage. The concert “Let there be Light” was organized by a L.A.M.P.S which aim to raise awareness regarding the short cry of power.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Job Opportunities abroad has threats of women trafficking and slavery

HUMAN SLAVERY and TRAFFICKING has been an issue around the globe. Even worst for the developing and underdeveloped countries where they have been trying to find a viable solution. No matter how hard they try their weak economic crisis makes them vulnerable to such externalities. It has been a huge question of identity for the women of the underdeveloped countries where its relevancy is abstract to the question of its definition. Nepal has been trying to fight WOMEN TRAFFICKING andSLAVERY in many ways. The definition and means have been changing according to time and situation. The awareness programs are getting intense to deal with the hardcore business where the business is also expanding and adapting new forms among its competition and prospects. Like such talking more about today’s TRAFFICKING and SLAVERYsituation, things have changed. The old scenario of agents have transformed into variables of uncountable people in a network that links thousands of people that cannot be easily calculated. Bate for today’s has been lucrative salary and website that lures women of all over especially underdeveloped countries to earn more in despite attempt to save their financial condition. Willingly or unwillingly women are being TRAFFICKED in the name of MIGRANT WORKERS for the treachery of MODERN DAY SLAVERY.

Under the Foreign Employment act of Nepal, “It is clearly said that any person or agency involved with foreign employment have to be registered under the ministry and has to follow the norms and regulations of the foreign employment act. If not then they will be considered illegal. The company has to follow certain rules and regulation regarding the training, awareness and other aspect of the rights of the worker in safeguarding and protecting the migrant worker in the foreign land.”

In a recent case, around 3000 Nepali migrant women were stopped at Indian airports of New Delhi and Mumbai, who were trying to fly to Saudi Arab. They were stopped as they lacked proper documents and in questionnaire they prove to have no answer regarding their status. The ratio of illegal foreign employment migration has been increasing where it is considered to be 63,000 Nepali women working in Saudi Arabia but the official figure confirms only 2,540. It is clearly stated in the Foreign Employment Act 2007 that flying from a foreign airport for foreign employment without getting foreign employment permit is illegal.
With or without knowledge these women are taken in by a network of agents who land them up in their desired destination with no security and rights. These women are then exploited and harassed both physically and verbally. In most cases they are turned back either when they are dead or in case of pregnancy which makes it evident for their illegal status.

Like such the guardian in its latest coverage, Beirut death of Nepalese migrant worker Lilaquotes, “Lila Aacharya left Nepal hoping to make a better life for her two young daughters. Two months later her body was flown home. Lila's case exposes the toll of HUMAN TRAFFICKING- from her attempt to escape the poverty of her village in the Himalayan foothills to her exploitation and death as a domestic worker in an up market apartment in Beirut.”

The case of woman exploitation and harassment in foreign lands are on high trail especially in the Arab world. The job employment opportunities have evolved as the form of MODERN DAY SLAVERY. Women migrants workers are explicitly exploited sexually, verbally and in most case are killed due to lack of weak labor standards. This is the reality of today that has explored the possibilities of what can turn to one mistake of making the wrong choice and not knowing your rights.

According to Aasha Lama, President of Aasha H4 Foundation, “The government has set up few parameters for the foreign job employment and why we are not following that is a question. Women Trafficking is not a simple issue it’s a social issue which needs to be cooperated from all sides. We at the foundation believe any women migrating abroad without knowing her right and stand is wrong. We say to send people without following the rules and regulations of the government, illegally is a new form of women trafficking and we strongly oppose it. We challenge all the people who have been sending women abroad without following the rules and regulation. They are culprits as when the government has set up the parameters why are we not following it.”

“A woman being sold or exploited aboard is not a question of her disgrace it’s a shame for the whole country which needs to be understood and worked. Being abroad is not easy situation but being aware is a situation that can be worked and controlled,” added she.
To be or not to be is not a question but to make the choice is more vital to make your own will and standing. Foreign Employment opportunities seem as a very lucrative sector for underdeveloped and developing nation but to the extent it is evolving as the legal way ofMODERN DAY SLAVERY and TRAFFICKING. In a country like ours that fights to hold its existence the question of huge revenues earned from foreign employment certainly holds the economy but to its counterpart it also questions cons of this field. Foreign employment opportunity can be a form of huge revenue but on the other side it has also evolved as a form ofHUMAN SLAVERY or HUMAN TRAFFICKING which needs to be studied and researched.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

People are not taking it, there patience is running out

Kathmandu February 02 2012: People have lost their patience regarding the crisis situation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cooking gas. Many confrontations have been seen in various locations from past few days with people trying to fight and get hold of the LPG for their daily household.
Today morning high security was seen near Bishnumati Kalimati junction with the arrival of LPG at the BABA gas distribution center. People rushed in when they saw the gas truck. The crowd gathered so much that immediately police had to be called just to control the situation.

Ram Babu Jha, a local said, “What are we suppose to do there is no petrol, no electricity and no gas. How are we suppose to live this situation? The government is worthless. They can’t even manage this then they should resign. We have to earn our living and without gas and fighting in line how are we suppose to manage. Are we suppose to hold ourselves in line or should we go to our work?”

Few of the people had stopped the road in protest of lack of understanding at Sallaghari, Bhaktapur, on Wednesday.

According to sources the LPG shortage is likely to last until February. Currently the supplies of LPG have been at the level of 11,000 tonnes which is fifty percent of the requirement. Looking at the situation Nepal Oil Corporation has added additional 800 tonnes per day from Monday. The current need of the country is 20,000 tonnes LPG monthly where the demand shoots up by 25,000 tonnes in winter.

With high speculations, people are also contradicting the government intention in creating the crisis situation just to sideline the current student protest against the recent price hike in petroleum products. Rumor or not the basic rights of Nepalese have been taken away. People have money but they don’t have the necessary daily commodity, what worst can one imagine then to be helpless?
Or should they follow the line just in hope of getting a gas cylinder or petrol or electricity. The patience of Nepalese is running out looking at the scenario and happening where more or less more confrontations are happening.

The weak governance and lack of management certainly shows the governments lack of interest and weak management where Nepali people are bound to suffer. The government is silent about the issue but the question comes what should the people do? Should they come out on street and protest or should they take out the government that can’t even manage ………………..

Friday, January 27, 2012

Scratch me says the HEAD.............

Odd or wired or may even sound absurd but hey we all do it at times. Scratch me, says the HEAD and out of the blunder you just take your hands to do it, logically making sense giving the impression of oh ya, I’m just putting my hands on my head and it dam feels good.

To be more precise and specific, scratching head is renowned as the normal form of expression of “Not knowing a thing.” But to defy the fact that people do scratch their heads for showing different emotion and feeling is a different scenario. You feel lazy and you do it you feel excite and still you do it, so what is the metaphor behind it.

People just scratch their heads in different perceptions and times. It not only shows the lack of enthusiasm but a more provocative answer is they are not feeling good or are not worried or are feeling lazy.
Contemplating the situation never do it in front of a group of people as it is said as a sign of ignorance and idiocy but who cares when you want to do it you just do it and man it feels GOOD.

Think of the first thing that you do when you get up then, you scratch your head what a start with an expression that is unknown. You just feel comfortable to address yourself within its periphery that you do it every day and still you fail to notice it.

Generally most of the times people scratch their heads when they think, is it? I’m confused or May be it is this? Whatever the expression is you do it to be comfortable with the situation. I think it’s a way of the unconscious mind in making yourself accustom to the unknown situation to say hey I’m just trying!!!!!!!!!!

It has a wide variety of meanings and applications according to time and situation. Though it sounds nominal and eccentric but the truth lies hidden within us, as we all in some phase of our life we all have scratched our heads to know what is true . It can also amplify a simple notion which tells us that when a person is not comfortable.

If you are also not being irked then scratching head can be an effective tool to get attention as one will surely assist you to divert his or her attention. We just scratch our head to have fun to defy the fact that we are lonely and in case of embarrassment. It is just normal to scatch your head and in the race of today’s world of being someone other than you, you certainly need a dose to be normality, to balance it. So scratch your head to make yourself feel comfortable.

Be wise to say hey I do it coz I’m NORMAL….

Travellers Quest-A new travel website launched

Travelling has been a behavioral attribute of humans from prehistoric ages. Their existence and survival has been subjected to the availability and adaption. This trait has been transcended in the modern people in form of travelling and volunteering. People have been traveling to different countries especially to the third world to serve humanity and facilitate the idea of VOLUNTEERING. In their quest of knowing themselves they push their modern lifestyle aside and search the neediness of making their life meaningful by helping others. Learning ways of life and acting to face technical difficulties in the third world scenario they opt for various volunteering and travelling programs. Volunteer abroad and travelling has developed as one of the trendiest aspect of human psychology that exerts the modern lifestyle and perception. With the attention and prospect the field itself is growing with more or less threats. In today’s modern tech world, Google has made everything possible. The human understandability and research has been limited to just a button, that can be obtained in seconds. The world of search engine is very wide and vague. Once you press the button with the keywords you have loads and loads of eccentric answers with the option of what to believe and what not to believe. Like such today volunteering and travel abroad has grown to a wider prospects adapting the web. With loads and loads of options available all over the world there pros and cons are ruling in to create a definite image.

Travellers Quest a new travel directory has been launched with the concept of effective and precise travelling. The directory is focused to carter different groups of volunteers, students, travel and enthusiasts with its wide network and collection of travel programs all over the world. Currently the website has different segments like Volunteer Abroad, Study Abroad, Internship abroad, Language Abroad, TEFL Abroad, Gap year and Teach Abroad where interested candidates can get valid and prominent information regarding programs and travel destinations. With inbuilt features like personalized search and keyword search one can have effective travel schedule within seconds. Moreover, the user friendly interface and easy navigation makes it easier to operate.

Jems Mc Lane, a travel researcher said, “I use to search Google for volunteer programs and the result thrown back at me were number of pages with uncertain organizations, but Travellers Quest has certainly made it easy to search for specific and topic related programs within seconds. I feel excite as I can search my options to look for the best among what is available.”

According to the organization, “Travellers Quest is the world's largest travel directory. It’s a network of travelling opportunities where we create business among our own network. We are FREE of cost and our business works on recommendations and DEALS. We promote you and in return we create opportunities.”

The webs site has more than 30,000 travel program in more than 200 countries all over the world.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Who is right is the question and we Nepalese are bound to suffer the consequence

Kathmandu Jan 25: The city came to a dead stop with the students union “SHUT DOWN PROGRAM”. From early morning most of the shops and markets were closed and it was reported that the protestors had forced the shops and markets to close at different locations. The protestors were seen active in and around government colleges.

The security personals were seen high on alert where till date no casualty or confrontation has been reported. On Wednesday´s evening the agitator also conducted a bike rally just to spread the news. The protesters have made it clear that they would not sit for talks with the government unless the price hike decision is considered. They have also threatened to launch a nationwide program if their issues are not addressed.

“The students union of the 13 political parties had issued a 24-hour ultimatum starting 10 am Thursday to reconsider the current price hike in petroleum products and to facilitate the poor and needy with the necessary relief, but since the government didn’t addressed their issue, we are protesting,”said one of the protesters.

“we’ve been voicing for the uniform system to check and balance the prices of petroleum product. The recent price hike on petroleum products have certainly made it clear that the Government making a unanimous decision is not admissible,” added he

In a current state when the country is going through tough political crisis and political parties lacking understand, such acts has created a bad image of the political culture. The voices of the student union may or may not sound valid but it certainly question the weak political behavior and practice that we Nepalese are bound to suffer where the top political leaders and parties make the decision and on the same their youth organization do shutdown program against their own affiliation.

Who is right is the question and we Nepalese are bound to suffer the consequence ………….

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Are Men more superior than Women

SUPERIORITY, the word whenever is used gives a different sense of domination and rules with a force. The survival of human beings today highlights their SUPERIORITY over nature and time. Moreover their efforts and aspirations certainly focuses on the cliché of a static growth and development of their struggle and hardship.

In this context when I define SUPERIORITY in our current scenario then most of us would think of MALE DOMINATION or MALE SUPREMACY. The sense that hypes SUPERIORITY in men is generally due to their physical or metabolic structure. But regardless of that, whenever SUPERIORITY has been called upon in a discussion the ruling party has always won not by being gender bias but due to of their brain capacity and logic in support of the vulnerable and weak.

Are Men superior to Women?

It’s just not that all the men they have a dominance capacity? Or god has granted a special blessing to men and has cursed women, rubbish is the ideology that supports the orthodox mentality.

Its absurd to think men are superior to women just by their metabolic structure except for that women have everything equal than their counter part. Frankly if you ask me, I would say both of them are equal depending upon their brain capacity and logic.

The whole issues of male domination and male SUPERIORITY is a psychological problem that we still have in our society, as we were taught from our childhood that men are more superior and dominant which prolongs in developing a cluster phobic psychology of a feministic question. It creates a vacuum that never lets her go out of it; in fact it traps her and kills her confidence and eagerness.

It’s just the sense which is backed by the belief of a weak mentality who tend to pass on their distorted beliefs and saying from generation to generation while giving it the name of culture and tradition. This kind of stigma in the name of culture is worsening the scenario of creating a weak women presence in our society. As the women of 21st century are equipped with high and good skills, they can and have the ability to do anything. Apart from that looking at her image from the mythological aspect also women represent KALI or DURGA the form of SHAKTI who can defy her meaning.

In this chase of SUPERIORITY the example of the rabbit and the tortoise is a perfect story that not only highlights the SUPERIORITY of rabbit as being the fastest runner against the slow tortoise but shows the perseverance of the tortoise . So from this small vintage story I am not trying to say that men are the rabbit and women are the tortoise but the point is who ever uses his or her brain wins the game of life. The question of vitality and presence is more important than some distorted or orthodox belief of saying men are superior. Reality is women are not just capable but they are the leaders of the 21st century making and gaining prospects and opportunities.

More often if you look at their, life span they do everything from being a mother to sister to friend both before and after marriage but men they just play a definite role, the dominant. We are always backed up by our counter parts in different forms to say we are men, where as women are always independent and self sustained.

So when I say women have lets men to dominate then I would not be false but on the same side it would be a understatement in a meaningful of saying both of them need each other in every possibility to make life happier . And I believe that’s what matters to be happy than to look or search for definite answers of knowing who is ruling.

If we look back to our history then there are loads of examples which show the capacity and capability of women being an effective leader which shows their SUPERIORITY. Few of the names that comes to mind in talking about modern women are John of Arc, Florence Nightingale, Madam curie, Jhasi Ki Rani, Indira Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Pasang Lamu Sherpa etc. All these women from the history have shown tremendous amount of courage and skills which to this day stands as a symbol of womanhood and their achievement acts as the standard.

They were the trend setter of their time where they marked their path with their own skills, and capabilities, simplifying their reality of being a woman, what more can you expect they were normal superior women.

In a country like our's where the economic condition is not good and literacy is not even 50%, it mostly targets women group in depriving from their basic rights. It has created a psychological depression of not being independent and not having education. So to overcome this problem a heightened program should be started to reach each and every women of the country. The key to overcome the problem is education, in fact the woman of 21st century does not describe of individual persona or outer look but she describes her freedom of mind and her independence. She should know her rights than to know about anything else.

Though today gender equalization has been a hot topic of discussion but still whenever it comes on practice it always sidelines the main issue of WOMEN IDENTITY and her rights of knowing it. Weakness to some extent can be reasoned as the men domination where everyone is ready to focus towards problem but we fail to realize the solution that WOMEN need their IDENTITY . when we fail to realize her rights then she fails to identify herself. Then She fails to realize who is she and her presence.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Students say No to price Hike in Petroleum product

Kathmandu, Jan 19: Saying no to the petrol price Hike, the students union of the 13 political parties have issued a 24-hour ultimatum starting 10 am Thursday to the government to take back the fuel price hike decision. The government recently revised the petroleum prices considering the futile state of the Nepal Oil Corporation.

According to the Unions, “The prices of the petroleum products have rocketed and it’s very hard for any normal Nepali to survive. The government cannot raise the prices like this, they need a solution to the problem they cannot create another problem with this issue. We had submitted a memorandum to the government, when the fuel prices were last raised, and they had committed to provide some relief then but nothing happened and now this rise is too much.”

They further added, “If the government doesn’t back out from their rise we will take it to streets and it’s for sure that they have to understand the power of people.”

The youth associations have already declared January 25,2012 as valley banda. The students’ leaders also urged that there should be uniform system to check and balance the prices of petroleum product and regardless of what the poor and under privileged have to be considered in this regard.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

No electricity, No recharging then what do you expect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathmandu the capital of Nepal has a new power cut schedule of 14 hrs, Can you dig that. Absurd or eccentric, whatever you might say but hey this is reality which curses upon us kathmanduties. From our high tech life style to the iphones and other gadgets, things are really taking its toll, no electricity means everything dead not just for us but for the use of other application of ICT, a question for all what is the use when there is no electricity for recharging. We are the WTF GENERATION where W stands for WIKIPEDIA, T stand for TWITTER and F stands for FACEBOOK, what are we suppose to do....

To consider more, Nepal is considered the 2nd largest country in the world for fresh water resource and still we have a crisis of water supply and ELECTRICITY. Funny part is we read that in our official text books and most of the times we sincerely fail to recognize this. We have it written it down in words but when it comes to action, we just slug out to say, we are under developed or improvised. This is how we all make a Nepal mentality there is everything but it’s too hard make it work.
On contrary, our natural resources have given us such an entrepreneurship opportunity that we can just tap the water and sell it to any country in the world with the label of “MINERAL WATER” and still we say we are under developed. The thing we lack is our own standing where our prime minister goes and checks food quality at highway side hotels but he fails to realize this opportunity that can change the lives of each and every individual NEPALI.

Now getting back to my topic, Nepal Electricity Authority, the great NEA has published a news schedule saying this is the time for power cut. Ground reality they give us so less electricity that they should publish something like power on schedule at least people would be prepared for that time to do their necessary charging. After all we all need to charge our batteries ;)
Giving a relative light to the topic one can imagine 14hrs of power cut and how it feels with nothing to do except for to think and think endless doing nothing. Crap the productive side of the power cut may further result in the sales of CONDOMS reasoning the productive side of power cuts. I believe now the TV commercials will also highlight the use of black outs and market themselves. Think logically and it will prove you to be worth understanding the population will certainly increase with people to do nothing especially at nights except to tuck into your bed and get laid.
On a serious note the current schedule focuses on day time light working hours, what about nights?

What are we suppose to do, when it falls dark?

Reality is electricity is needed the most at night times for every good reason and in the new schedule it has been slacked. We cannot ignore the fact that during the night time that’s when the illegal activities are bound to happen that’s when we need the lights the most.

The recent close down of the Marshangdi Power Plant only shows the political manipulation and conditions happening. Why our ministers are so into getting the thermal plant rather than making use of what is available. Remember we just signed the COP 17 where we mentioned to abide by the pollution emission rate and producing more GHS would it be ethical in context of bringing the money against fighting the climate change. On the same proposing the use of a thermal plant seems completely double standard which our ministers and policy makers should know. ……………..

Technically looking at it from resources point of view, I’m just trying to understand the situation of low water levels at the reservoirs but looking back at the trend how can one even try to understand that few weeks back the power cuts were 4 hrs and within few weeks its 14 hrs it completely impractical.
May be it’s the new strategy of the bureaucracy to hold up the new proposal for thermal plant. One can clearly imagine the investment and money involved. So is it bound to happen for the sake of money but is at what cost is a question that stands tall. Options are less and the sky is blue let’s see what up when it comes to you……

Friday, January 13, 2012

It’s Tuesdays, it’s my fast- I’m not drunk check your nose

Tuesday was the day when I was passing by NEWBANESHWAR and suddenly I saw few of the bikes stopped and being checked. It was very obvious that these days the Nepal Traffic Police was very active due to the recently shot out and happenings. With no assertion thinking they were just checking the blue book (vehicle ownership card) I reached my pocket and waited for my turn. Then in seconds one of the man in the front row started to pled in loud voice, “I’m not a drunkard”

Mr. X the hero of the plot was tussling with the police man saying he is not drunk. I was surprised, I peeped in just to inquire what was happening. Out of the blues Mr. X started shouting in a very unusual way he said, “Today is Tuesday, It’s my fasting today, why I would get drunk on a day like this. How can I convince you that I’m not drunk?” Mr. X was so called being checked by the Nepal Traffic police for Alcohol which certainly was admirable but the funny part was the police was checking it by their valuable NOSE. Seeing this, my interest grew and I focused my attention more towards the scene. One would certainly laugh when facing this situation. How can one convince the other with just depending upon the smell to check something like alcohol?

The main scene can be defined like this 4 Nepal Traffic Police trying to do the regular alcohol checking with their “NOSE.” They were accusing Mr.X a moderately 5 feet 6 inches man on a Discover 125 CC with a decent local Nepali accent in his late thirties. His eyes looked red but his voice calculations were correct and his sentences were also aligned of making sense. He was trying to convenience the traffic police that he was returning from his work and he is not drunk where as on the other hand the traffic police was so dumb to trust his nose and not let this guy pass by blocking the whole traffic. Can you believe to the level of stupidity that was happening, even I was ready to blow my breath in the face but shockingly they let me go and I was enthralled to write something about this experience that was totally absurd.
Similarly talking more about the ineffective practices of the Nepal Traffic Police, it has tones of loop holes which need to be looked in. But seriously What a Joke? A pristine institution like Nepal Police practicing something like this is not acceptable that too on the cost of public is a bad example.
Likewise, speaking more about the Nepal Traffic police the rules and regulations are so impractical. Every time you make a mistake while driving you have to pay a penalty fee for breaking the law but do you know where the same money goes …….
The money taken in by for the penalty fee goes in proportion way some of it goes to the Police personnel who caches the driver making mistake and the rest goes to the Government. The result of this rule is the traffic police personnel who was suppose to prohibit people from making mistakes or who was responsible for alerting public of traffic rules, hawks and awaits for it’s pray to make mistake and when the mistake is done walla, a ticket. He hides himself and he shows up out of the thin air and gives you a penalty receipt.
What kind of rules are these where the government or the pristine institution like this is promoting or motivating its personnel to catch the normal public to make mistake. Aren’t they the once to stop us from making mistake or what are we creating her more traffic violators ………..

A question for the government ……………………

Monday, January 2, 2012

People have money but they don’t have petrol.

Kathmandu Nepal: Nepal has been suffering from the crisis of petrol from past few years. Due to mismanagement, lack of proper system and political interference Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) the prime body of government has been an example of worst management practice. Every now and then people have to suffer the crisis with a situation of lack of understanding and confidence upon the government and other relevant organization. The joke of the day is the same corporation issues bonuses to the staff showing profit but every quarter when it comes to paying its debts it always complains regarding the fluctuation of the petrol prices internationally. The most amazing thing is a lot of issue have been raising in and against the price fluctuation and creating a feasible mechanism to standardize the local price of petrol with the international market. But every time the price shoots up internationally, the local price of petrol in Nepal goes up but when the international prices goes down then NOC fails to validate its effectiveness saying it has been suffering losses at different levels.

Currently, NOC suffers a loss of around Rs 19 on a liter of diesel, Rs 7 on a liter of kerosene and around Rs 339 per cylinder (14.2 kgs) of LPG. Its outstanding loans total around Rs 20 billion.

If you look at the international scenario the petrol price in Nepal is around USD 1. 30 per liter where as in India the same petrol price cost at USD 0.98. One can easily know what’s happening from the data.
With the growing crisis the Government of Nepal (GON) has recently directed the Citizen Investment Trust (CIT) to release Rs 1 billion to forfeit the previous due of NOC, which failed to supply adequate quantity of petroleum products in the country in the past few days. The CIT on Sunday said “We have arranged the payment of Rs 700 million on Monday and remaining amount the following day.”

Similarly speaking at an interaction in the capital one of the spokesperson of GON said, “The current fuel crisis will be resolved soon by waiving the Value Added Tax in diesel and gas the crisis of petroleum products has been witnessed due to the delay in the release of loans from the Investment Board and Provident Fund as these institutions have been demanding some 12 percent interest which is not favorable for Nepal Oil Corporation. The government is also preparing to forge new fuel agreement between Nepal Oil Corporation and Indian Oil Corporation to ease the petroleum crisis.”
According to NOC, it distributed 426,000 liters of petrol, 626,000 liters of diesel and 108,000 liters of kerosene to different petrol pumps in the capital on Sunday. Similarly, NOC dispatched 60,000 liters of petrol, 92,000 liters of diesel and 36,000 liters of kerosene from Amlekhgunj depot for different pumps in the Kathmandu valley. With crunches of cash and finances the problems of short-supply of petroleum products will be averted at least for two months with the short term loans but the problem stalks with no answer .

Date: 1 Jan 2012
Location: Indrayani Petrol pump, Sanepa

Me: I heard there is enough petrol released by the NOC
Representative of Indranyani: Yes, the petrol has been coming regularly but you never
Me: Why is your pump giving petrol in bulk to the those cars and truck with smaller tanker inside
Representative of Indranyani: They are coupon system they are our regular clients and we need to give them
Me: We are also your regular client and staying in line for more than 2 hrs you give us 4.7 liters and for them you are giving openly
Representative of Indranyani: They need it, they have their industries to run. They have their big machine to run
Me: what the hell even we have our priorities what about us?
Representative of Indranyani: Go and talk to the Government Mister

The situation has been worst where petrol pumps are manipulating the situation according to their will and time. To make things worst they have started to use police and local thugs where the normal public are threatened and shown power, if raise voice. They have set up a channel for the petrol in small containers which has been prohibited by the GON and still the police watch it closely with no interference. The funny situation is people have money in their pockets and still they don’t have petrol what can be more less demeaning than to expect something from a government that cannot even feasibly allocated the most usable commodity to the public ….

Petrol the fight of the public is not just a question for the Government of Nepal but it’s a question to the normal public for their pubic rights that till when will we all keep our silence for what must have been done by the leaders. Are we that vulnerable that we need to be told what to be done ……………

A question for all………………….

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